Microsoft New Teams - Performance and User Experience
Oct 1, 2023 5:00 PM

Microsoft New Teams - Performance and User Experience

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The Microsoft New Teams part of Office 365 has embarked on the next chapter of its journey. The Windows preview of a Teams app is now out. Teams has been groundbreaking since it started in 2017. The main idea is to have all communication and collaboration tools in one place, including real time chat apps, and file sharing.

Today, over 280 million people heavily rely on Teams to stay productive and connected with colleagues, partners or customers. The main features of this platform are its ability to work well for work, school, or personal use. This platform has several main features. It works well for work, school, or personal use. It also allows third-party contributions. As a result, there are over 1,900 apps in the Teams store. Additionally, there are over 100,000 custom apps that seamlessly integrate with the platform.

Through these innovations, Teams is able to offer an enhanced user experience. These apps combined with a broad ecosystem of Teams certified devices and rooms, provide a seamless and productive work environment for the users.

Microsoft has always prioritized customers' feedback. Based on those inputs, Teams has been reimagined from the ground up. With speed, performance, flexibility, and intelligence as the underpinning design factors, the new Teams app offers up to a twofold increase in performance and uses 50 percent less memory.


This advancement facilitates efficient collaboration. The user experience has also been simplified to allow for easier navigation. This new version of Teams also comes with AI-powered features, notably the recently announced Copilot for Microsoft Teams.

Continuous improvements are being made to the existing Teams apps. However, the most notable breakthroughs will only be accessible with the new Teams. The biggest enhancements include faster processing speed, simplicity, flexibility, and smarter design, which shows the new Teams to be built on an improved platform focused on performance, speed, and optimization of data, network, chat, and video architectural systems.

The public preview build already shows promising results, including faster app launch and join meeting functions, and a significant decrease in memory consumption. The new Teams also offers a simple yet rich user interface, enabling users to efficiently manage notifications, messages, and channels.

Microsoft has also invested heavily in features that support customers operating across multiple tenants and accounts, smoothing authentication model, synchronization, and notification systems. This improvement significantly enhances flexibility by allowing users to receive notifications across multiple tenants or accounts without needing to log in and out.

The new Teams will also provide AI-powered experiences, including the previously announced intelligent recap and Copilot. These features harness AI capabilities to simplify the collaborative process for users. The general availability of the new Teams is targeted for sometime later in 2023.

Even while the current application has many promising features, Microsoft encourages testing of the public preview. The opt-in for this feature will be extended to other operating systems like Macs later this year. Users will also have the option to switch back to the classic Teams at any time.

Teams is not only presenting new features today but also providing a glimpse into the future experiences that will be built on the new Teams. Additional features coming to Teams are also announced in this update.

About Microsoft Teams in General

Microsoft Teams is a modernized, productivity-centered workspace that integrates versatile functionalities. Primarily used for communication and collaboration, Teams brings chat, meetings, apps, and files under one comprehensive platform. In the ever-changing world of technology, Teams continues to adapt and innovate to anticipate and meet global user needs.

Its user base exceeds 280 million people monthly, making it an invaluable tool in many workplace settings. Since its inception, Teams have always aimed for seamless integration, significantly improving users' efficiency and productivity. Its growth from user feedback and continuous innovation is a testament to its commitment to adaptable and efficient communication tools for the future.