Microsoft Loop for Projects 2023 with Scott Brant
Oct 25, 2023 7:00 PM

Microsoft Loop for Projects 2023 with Scott Brant

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Streamline project management with Microsoft Loop - Expert advice from Scott Brant on leveraging tools like Planner, Trello, Jira.

In a recent YouTube video, Scott Brant from 'Inspire Cloud Technologies', attended the October 2023 Microsoft Loop User Group meeting. The main purpose of the gathering was to talk about optimizing project management strategies using Microsoft Loop. Teams and individuals can harness tools like Planner, Trello, Jira, and Loop Meeting Notes to elevate their project meetings.

During the course, Brant took the audience through a live demonstration of Loop's task features, explaining the significance of adding project workspace members, integrating a Planner plan, and ensuring all team members can access the plan. Additionally, he introduced the audience to the use of Loop with Trello and Jira and discussed the integration of Task List and Planner ToDo.

Microsoft Loop: Collaborative App | Microsoft 365
Quickly kick off projects with intelligent suggestions, page templates, and an insert menu at your fingertips to easily add what you need to work together.

Microsoft Loop, as Brant describes, is a transformative co-creation platform that amalgamates teams, content, and tasks spanning various tools and devices. It possesses the capability to blend a dynamic and flexible canvas with freely moving, and synchronized components across applications, thus enabling teams to plan and create together. This fascinating tool not only allows for smoother project management but also ushers a new era in the realm of digital collaboration. Learn more about Microsoft Loop here.

More About Microsoft Loop

Embedded within the Loop are three essential elements: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces. The components represent portable pieces of content that stay consistent across all shared locations. Loop pages act as flexible canvases within the Loop app, allowing users to aggregate their components, links, tasks, and data, which can later be shared across M365 apps. Lastly, Loop workspaces serve as shared spaces, perfect for team collaboration towards shared goals.

For users keen to incorporate Loop components into other apps, support is currently available for Teams, Outlook, Word for the Web, and Whiteboard. For those interested in experiencing Loop, it can be accessed via a personal or work account. The makers of Loop are eager to receive feedback to improve the overall user experience aiding in the evolution of this co-creating tool.

However, users should note certain issues such as Loop not supporting external sharing for guests or external users, along with some known problems with the Loop app. To mitigate these, solutions like signing into with your Microsoft account or having an Exchange Online mailbox associated with your Organization ID have been proposed. Similar concerns regarding access to the SharePoint Online root site have also been addressed.

Loop is accessible on the web, iOS, and Android and can be used across a range of apps, making it even more user-friendly. Moreover, during this public preview, Loop is being offered free of cost. Additional resources are available for users desiring more aid or options. As Loop continues to gain traction, the significance of feedback from users, training courses, and active communities should not be underestimated in shaping this tool's future.

 - Microsoft Loop for Projects 2023 with Scott Brant | Your365Coach

Learn about Microsoft Loop for Projects, with @your365coach Scott Brant, | Microsoft Loop UG October 2023


Microsoft Loop, developed by Microsoft, integrates multiple tools to collaboratively create content, manage tasks, and organize projects. This new addition to Microsoft's suite of applications aims to improve your project management methods and is the subject of this YouTube video.

In this video, Scott Brant from 'Inspire Cloud Technologies' discusses managing projects using Microsoft Loop and shares his experience. He discusses the integrative features of Microsoft Loop, allowing you to combine and synchronize tasks, notes, tables, and more from applications such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Whiteboard, or even Loop itself.

Moreover, Loop components are portable and can be shared through chats, emails, meetings or documents. Information is updated across applications, ensuring everyone in your team is working with the latest information.

  • Loop pages are flexible canvases in the Loop app, allowing users to compile components, links, tasks, data, and more. They can be as small or expansive as required for the project and can be shared via link or as an embedded Loop component across M365 applications.
  • Loop workspaces provide a common space for your team to view and group all project-related items, making it easier to track progress towards shared goals.
  • The video also discusses the challenges users might face, some known issues with the app, and possible solutions to troubleshoot.

In addition to the informative video content, resources like Loop's homepage and download instructions for the mobile app for both Android and iOS are provided to get started.

Additional features of Microsoft Loop include compatibility with other Microsoft tools. Components of Loop are currently supported in Teams, Outlook, Whiteboard, and Word for the web. As a user, you can send Loop components in Teams chat, utilize Loop components in Outlook, use Loop components in Word for the web, and utilize Loop components in Whiteboard.

Microsoft Loop is up for a try; you can start using Loop today by signing in using your personal or work account at

Microsoft is eager to hear from its user base to further improve the Loop experience. Users can provide their feedback in the application to help shape the journey of this transformative co-creation experience.

An important point to note: the Loop app doesn't support external sharing for guests or external users currently. However, plans for developing these functionalities are in progress.

If users find any issues in using Loop, Microsoft has established several help options. A community has been established for Microsoft Loop on Microsoft answers, where users can ask and answer questions about the suite. There are also technical and account support available for users facing challenges in the application.

The Microsoft Loop app is available on the web, along with iOS and Android devices, without any cost during the public preview.

To learn more about Microsoft Loop, beneficial resources, or even how to get started on the platform, examining the above-mentioned advice and targeted web-based wisdom can prove beneficial.

Microsoft Loop offers communities where you can ask and answer questions, give feedback, and learn from experts with rich knowledge. By exploring subscription benefits, browsing training courses, and learning how to secure your device, you'll have increased access to a rich world of content and organizational capability.


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