Using Microsoft Loop Components in Microsoft Word
Oct 2, 2023 10:00 AM

Using Microsoft Loop Components in Microsoft Word

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Enhance team collaboration with Microsoft Loop in Word, experience real-time document sharing, task management, and seamless integration with Teams.

Microsoft has introduced Loop components into Microsoft Word with the intent of boosting collaboration and organization within teams. Microsoft Loop, which is part of Microsoft 365, is a digital platform facilitating task creation and management, scheduling, and joining of meetings, along with sharing and working on documents.

Additionally, Microsoft Loop interfaces with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, thus providing users an integrated experience. It boasts features such as document management, project planning, and task tracking, becoming essential in helping teams to stay focused and reach their goals.

Loop components represent interactive, collaborative objects that can be embedded in Teams chats, emails, and now, Word for the web. They become useful when brainstorming, planning, or creating together. This functionality is gradually rolled out and is only accessible via work or school accounts. However, it is currently not attainable on word for mobile or desktop editions.


Users can create a Loop component while working on a Word document, and then share it via Teams or email, with live updates on others’ edits reflected in the original document. This means changes can be observed instantaneously by everyone in the organization who’s been granted access to the document.

To insert a new Loop component, one has to navigate to the desired spot in their Word document, ensure no tables, lists, headers, or footers are present, then choose Loop Component from the Insert menu. To share a Loop component, you can "@mention" someone within it or even copy a link to the Loop component and share it in other applications like Teams or Outlook.

Collaborators can provide edits and comments once a Loop component has been created in a document and shared with them. Any edits made will always be up to date on this component. It is also possible to track the activity and access of these components. Ones who are editing while others are viewing the component will see different colored cursors in them. You can also check who has recently viewed or edited the component and who has access to it.

Loop components are saved automatically to your OneDrive and on using Search, you can easily locate them either on or OneDrive. The title of your Loop component may also double up as its filename, hence, a memorable, descriptive name is advised to aid search.

Loop Components in Word Enriching Collaboration

The introduction of Loop components in Microsoft Word brings a novelty to the traditional document editing and sharing experience. This Microsoft 365 tool not only enhances work processes by enabling live-updats editing and instant sharing but also plays an integral part in uplifting productivity within a team or an organization.

Sending notifications via emails or sharing a link to the Loop component is creating a new approach toward team collaboration. The automatic saving function in OneDrive is another advantage, making it simple for users who operate in high-volume data environments.

Indeed, Microsoft Loop components take teamwork to the next level, providing a unique, modern, and exceedingly effective repository of tools for work efficiency.

Learn about Microsoft Loop Components in Microsoft Word

In the world of collaborative work and team management, Microsoft has introduced a new tool called Microsoft Loop. This digital workspace allows users to create and manage tasks, schedule and join meetings, share and collaborate on documents, and communicate with their team members in real-time. Microsoft Loop has been integrated with other Microsoft 365 tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook, thereby providing a seamless experience for users.

One of the notable features of this tool is Loop Components. Now available even in Microsoft Word for the web, these are real-time, interactive, collaborative objects which can be embedded in Teams chats and emails. This feature enables the users to ideate, create, and plan together. Upon creation of a Loop component in Word, a link to it can be posted in Teams or email. Any edits made by others will be directly reflected in your Word document, allowing everyone who has access to the document to see changes instantly.

However, it is important to note that the rollout of Loop Components is gradual and only available through work or school accounts. Also, it is available only if the organization allows the creation of links that can be edited or viewed by anyone within the organization. The use of Loop Components currently does not extend to Word for mobile or desktop.

  • Inserting a new Loop Component: To add a new Loop component, simply navigate to the desired location in your Word document. Make sure the cursor is not inside a table, list, header, or footer. Select 'Insert,' then choose 'Loop Component.' Use the drop-down list to select the type of Loop component to insert, and then enter content into the new component.
  • Sharing a Loop Component: If you mention someone within a Loop component, they will receive an email notification with a link to the component. Alternatively, you can share a link to the Loop component by selecting the 'Copy link' icon in the upper right corner of the component. The link can then be pasted in other apps (e.g., Teams, Outlook). Furthermore, clicking on the header and copying via CTRL+ C can also provide a shareable link.

Learning about Microsoft Loop and its components can be done through online tutorials, webinars, or Microsoft's official guides. Training courses which specifically target Microsoft 365 tools will also provide a good grounding in the use of Microsoft Loop.

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