Microsoft Unveils Enhanced New Forms With Edit Option
Apr 3, 2024 4:06 PM

Microsoft Unveils Enhanced New Forms With Edit Option

by HubSite 365 about Deepak Shrivastava [MVP]

Senior Manager at Ernst & Young | Microsoft MVP | MCT

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Discover New Microsoft Lists Forms: Create, Customize, Share & Edit - Ultimate Tutorial!

Key insights


  • Introduction to the latest forms experience within Microsoft List.
  • Step-by-step guide on creating and customizing forms.
  • Instructions on how to share forms with other users.
  • Demonstration of enabling edit permissions for users.
  • Tips for allowing users to update their entries after submission.

Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency with Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is revolutionizing the way organizations manage data and collaborate on projects. Through its new forms experience, users can now create, customize, and share forms more efficiently than ever before. The tutorial highlights an easy-to-follow process for setting up these forms, making data collection and collaboration seamless among team members.

In a recent tutorial, Deepak Shrivastava [MVP] dives into the upgraded forms experience provided by Microsoft Lists. This video outlines the process of form creation and customization, emphasizing ease of use. It also highlights how users can effectively share these customized forms.

The tutorial is not only instructive but also practical, catering to both beginners and experienced users of Microsoft Lists. The walkthrough emphasizes key features and usability enhancements. This ensures that viewers can readily apply the knowledge in their respective fields, enhancing collaborative efforts.


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Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365

"What is revamped forms experience in Microsoft Lists feature ID 124865?"

Answer: As part of our commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing productivity, we're thrilled to introduce an enhanced forms experience within Microsoft Lists. This update offers a more efficient way to compile and input information seamlessly into your lists, essentially optimizing time and reducing manual labor. It's important to note that this development corresponds to Microsoft 365 roadmap ID: 124865, and is currently being implemented.

"How do you edit fields in Microsoft Lists?"

Answer: Editing fields in Microsoft Lists can be easily accomplished by selecting one or more items within a list view for modification.

"What's new in MS Lists?"

Answer: In our latest update to Microsoft Lists, we're elevating the data collection process. An innovative forms experience is now integrated directly into Microsoft Lists, significantly simplifying the collection and organization of information. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for event organizers who might, for example, need to generate and manage multiple form types for a single list—designed separately for internal and external participants.

"What is the difference between Microsoft forms and lists?"

Answer: The primary differentiation between Microsoft Forms and Lists lies in their core functionalities and applications. Microsoft Forms focuses on the straightforward creation and administration of forms, quizzes, and surveys. On the other hand, Microsoft Lists is designed for item organization, functioning similarly to a database but without supporting complex one-to-many relationships.



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