Change Card Background in Microsoft Lists Board View
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Feb 10, 2024 8:57 PM

Change Card Background in Microsoft Lists Board View

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Customize Microsoft Lists Board View: Change Card Colors Easily

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5 Key Insights on Customizing Background Color in Microsoft Lists Board View

  • To change the background color of cards in the Board View of Microsoft Lists, users should open the Board view, select the view displayed on the command bar, and then choose 'Format current view'.

  • In the advanced mode, by editing the JSON, users can set the background color with HTML color codes or names for specific cards based on certain conditions like priority levels.

  • Predefined CSS classes can also be used to change the background color, allowing for customization based on Microsoft's predefined styles for a more cohesive look.

  • To effectively utilize conditions for color changes, it’s possible to use column values as conditions without needing those columns to be visible on the card itself, as long as they are included in the view.

  • References and resources for additional guidance include the List Formatting Samples and SharePoint Online CSS Classes, offering examples and a list of CSS classes for broader customization options.


Microsoft Lists Board View Customization

Microsoft Lists offers a powerful toolset for managing tasks, projects, and data. One of its features, the Board View, enables users to visualize their lists in a more engaging and accessible format. Customizing the background color of cards in this view is not just about aesthetic appeal; it's about improving clarity, prioritizing tasks, and making the board more intuitive for users.

Using simple JSON editing, users can highlight specific tasks based on their priority or status. This customization capability makes it easier to spot high-priority tasks at a glance, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Microsoft has designed Lists to be flexible, allowing users to employ HTML color codes and predefined CSS classes for a high level of customization.

The process for changing card colors, while technical, is made accessible through Microsoft’s comprehensive documentation and community-generated resources. This inclusivity means that even users with minimal coding experience can tailor their Board View to meet their specific needs.

Moreover, Microsoft Lists' ability to use invisible column values as conditions for these changes reflects the platform's power and sophistication. It underscores Microsoft's commitment to providing tools that cater to the diverse needs and skill levels of its user base.

The option to preview changes before saving ensures that users can experiment with different looks without any immediate impact, making the customization process less risky and more user-friendly. Through this customization, Microsoft Lists elevates from a simple list-making tool to a dynamic project management solution.


Temmy Wahyu Raharjo shares how to enhance Microsoft Lists by changing the background color of cards in the Board View. This modification helps in distinguishing cards easily, either to highlight certain cards or to differentiate between various classifications. By utilizing an advanced mode for formatting, users can code to customize the colors.

To change the background color in the Board View, one needs to open the view, select 'Format current view', and then 'Edit card'. In the advanced mode, by editing the JSON, specific colors can be applied using HTML color codes or names. This involves adding code to the div that contains the sp-card-subContainer class.

An example provided shows setting the background to pink for high priority cards and a light blue shade for normal priority ones using a conditional statement in the JSON. Similarly, for using predefined CSS classes to change colors, the class value of the div should be altered accordingly. Examples illustrate setting specific CSS classes based on the priority of the cards.

After making changes, the 'Preview' option allows users to see the effect before saving the changes by selecting 'Save'. Additionally, the blog post mentions ways to troubleshoot or fix the JSON if necessary through re-accessing the 'Format current view' option.

For conditions based on column values, it's noted that the specific column doesn't need to be visible on the card but it should be included in the view. Also, using a column value as a condition requires referencing the internal name of the column, not the display name.

Resources such as the SharePoint Online CSS Classes and the List Formatting Samples, created by Denis Molodtsov and Chris Kent respectively, provide more guidance and examples. These resources along with Microsoft Learn's documentation on formatting syntax and Board view customizations are valuable references for further customization.

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 - Change Card Background in Microsoft Lists Board View

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"How do I change the background color in Microsoft lists?"

To give each of your lists a unique appearance, navigate to the list settings by clicking the three dots in the list's upper right corner. From there, you have the option to either pick a color or upload an image to serve as the list's background. Furthermore, introducing an emoji at the start of your list name allows it to act as a custom icon for the list in the navigation sidebar.

"How do you change the color of cells in SharePoint list?"

To modify cell colors within a SharePoint list, first access 'Column settings' and then choose 'Format this column.' Should you wish to employ the standard color scheme, select 'Data bars.' If preferring a customized approach, opt for 'Edit template' and specify both the minimum and maximum values applicable to your data bars. Afterwards, click the palette icon to choose your desired hues for the various options on hand.

"How do you format cards in SharePoint view?"

When aiming to style cards within a SharePoint view, elect 'Gallery' from the 'Choose layout' drop-down menu in the format pane if using the 'Gallery' layout. For adjusting cards in a 'Board' view, simply utilize the formatter property for modifications. Leveraging an already existing template as your starting point and tailoring it to fit your precise needs is the most straightforward approach to implementing view formatting.

"How do I change the background color of a section in SharePoint?"

The procedure includes the following steps:



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