Microsoft is offering FREE online courses with certification
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Sep 26, 2023 8:00 PM

Microsoft is offering FREE online courses with certification

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Discover the 9 FREE Microsoft courses to become skilled in 2023 - No Payment Required!

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, continuous learning is more essential than ever. We've curated a list of courses that not only offer deep insights into the world of technology but also come at the best price: free.
Even better, these courses from Microsoft don't just enhance your knowledge but also provide official certifications upon completion. Whether you're a budding programmer, an experienced developer, or a tech enthusiast, these courses promise to elevate your skills and understanding. Let's embark on this enriching educational journey together!

They are all for free!

Courses List:

  1. Python for beginners
    Dive deep into the world of Python, a versatile and widely-used programming language. This course introduces you to the basics of Python including working with strings, lists, loops, dictionaries, and functions. Perfect for those just starting their journey in programming. Learn more

  2. Get started with Azure Cosmos DB
    Explore Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft's globally distributed NoSQL database service. This course covers the basics of creating your first account, setting up a database, and initializing a container. Ideal for developers looking to harness the power of NoSQL on Azure.Learn more

  3. Introduction to Machine Learning
    Step into the intriguing world of Machine Learning. Understand its fundamental concepts, various algorithms, and real-world applications. A solid foundation for those curious about how machines learn from data.Learn more

  4. Get started with AI on Azure
    Discover the vast potential of artificial intelligence with Azure. This course unravels the concepts and capabilities of AI on Microsoft's cloud platform, offering insights into building, training, and deploying AI solutions.Learn more

  5. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    Begin your cloud journey with a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Azure. Understand the core principles of cloud computing and learn how Azure provides a plethora of services to cater to diverse needs. Learn more

  6. Secure your cloud data
    In this age of cyber threats, securing your data is paramount. Delve into the tools and best practices to ensure your data remains safe and uncompromised on Azure.Learn more

  7. Automate development tasks by using GitHub
    Automate your software lifecycle with GitHub Actions. Learn how to streamline your development processes, from code integration and testing to deployment, all within GitHub's ecosystem.Learn more

  8. Refine and test machine learning models
    Building a machine learning model is just the beginning. This course guides you on refining your models for optimum performance and rigorously testing them using Azure's ML tools.Learn more

  9. Write your first code using C#
    Step into the realm of C# programming. Grasp the fundamentals, understand the syntax, and kickstart your journey in building robust applications using this powerful language.Learn more