New SharePoint Embedded Admin Role Launches
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Feb 25, 2024 1:06 PM

New SharePoint Embedded Admin Role Launches

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New SharePoint Embedded Administrator role enhances Microsoft 365 apps management & security, starting March 2024.

Key insights

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  • Microsoft introduces SharePoint Embedded Administrator role for managing SharePoint Embedded Applications and containers within the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • SharePoint admin role loses PowerShell cmdlet execution abilities for SharePoint Embedded apps starting mid-March 2024, affecting commands like New-SPOContainerType and Set-SPOApplication.
  • Only Global Administrators or SharePoint Embedded Administrators will be authorized to execute commandlets post-rollout, requiring assignment of new roles early March.
  • SharePoint Embedded is introduced as an API-only solution, enabling developers to leverage Microsoft 365's file storage for various applications, promoting efficient file and document management.
  • Documents in SharePoint Embedded are accessible via APIs only, within a partition that's part of the consumer’s Microsoft 365 tenant, ensuring security and compliance with Microsoft Purview policies.

Delving Deeper into SharePoint Embedded's Role in Modern Applications

The introduction of the SharePoint Embedded Administrator role marks a significant development in the management of business applications embedded within Microsoft 365 environments. This innovation is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and security of file storage and document management processes. By providing developers and Information Systems Vendors (ISVs) with an API-only solution, Microsoft ensures that applications such as Microsoft Loop can leverage Microsoft 365's robust file storage capabilities seamlessly.


Microsoft is introducing the SharePoint Embedded Administrator role in the Microsoft 365 admin center: Manage various aspects of SharePoint Embedded Applications and containers. SharePoint Embedded, now in Public Preview, empowers developers with an API-only solution to utilize Microsoft 365's file storage for creating apps like Microsoft Loop.
▶As of mid-March 2024, the SharePoint admin role will lose PowerShell cmdlet execution abilities for SharePoint Embedded apps:
  • New-SPOContainerType
  • Get-SPOContainerType
  • Set-SPOContainerType
  • Get-SPOApplication
  • Set-SPOApplication (Future)
  • Get-SPOContainer
  • Set -SPOContainer
  • Remove-SPOContainer
  • Get-SPODeletedContainer
  • Restore-SPODeletedContainer
  • Remove-SPODeletedContainer
▶After the rollout, only Global Administrators or SharePoint Embedded Administrators will be authorized to execute such cmdlets.
You will need to assign the existing Global Admin role or the new SharePoint Embedded Admin role (available early March) for people that need to run these cmdlets.


With the impending changes in PowerShell cmdlet execution abilities, Microsoft emphasizes the importance of role assignment, indicating a shift towards more granular control and administration within the ecosystem. The move not only simplifies management tasks but also aligns with best practices for security and governance, offering an additional layer of protection and control over SharePoint Embedded applications.

The concept of File Storage Containers introduces a new paradigm in cloud storage, emphasizing isolation, security, and convenience. These containers, accessible exclusively by the respective applications, signify a departure from traditional document libraries by focusing on an API-centric approach, thereby ensuring that the content is securely stored and managed within the tenant's boundaries.

SharePoint Embedded applications promise to deliver a user-centric content management experience, leveraging Microsoft 365's rich content capabilities. This approach ensures that enterprise and ISV applications can offer collaborative, secure, and compliant content experiences, benefiting from the full spectrum of Microsoft's security and compliance tools.

Finally, the billing model for SharePoint Embedded content introduces a flexible, consumption-based approach, benefitting organizations by offering clarity and control over their storage and API usage costs. This model reflects Microsoft's commitment to providing scalable, cost-effective solutions that cater to the varying needs of its diverse user base.

SharePoint Embedded Explained

Microsoft SharePoint Embedded is an application-compatible cloud-based file and document management system. SharePoint Embedded is a novel solution exclusive to the API that empowers application developers to utilize the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 file and document storage platform for any application. It is well-suited for both ISVs and enterprises developing multitenant applications and line of business applications.

  • File and document management: Primarily designed for storing and managing files and documents.
    API-only: Doesn't have its own user interface; it's accessed and controlled solely through code using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  • Benefits:Integration: Enables developers to seamlessly integrate SharePoint's file management features into their existing applications.Security and compliance: Leverages the security and compliance features of Microsoft 365 to protect stored files and documents.
  • Collaboration: Allows users to collaborate on files directly within the embedded application.
  • Enterprise applications: Businesses can use SharePoint Embedded to create custom line-of-business applications that manage files relevant to their specific needs.
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs): ISVs can develop multi-tenant applications with built-in file and document management functionalities for their clients.

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What is SharePoint embedded?

SharePoint Embedded facilitates a headless, strictly API-based framework that enables the development of content applications. These applications can seamlessly incorporate sophisticated management tools such as collaboration, security, and compliance functionalities, all the while housing content within an organization's pre-existing Microsoft 365 tenant.

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