Microsoft intends to transfer Windows entirely to the cloud.
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Jun 27, 2023 10:58 AM

Microsoft intends to transfer Windows entirely to the cloud.

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Microsoft On the commercial side, Microsoft has been gradually migrating Windows to the cloud via Windows 365.

Microsoft is making significant strides in transitioning Windows to the cloud, starting with Windows 365 for commercial users and planning to extend this to consumers as well. This strategy was revealed in a June 2022 internal business presentation and is part of Microsoft's overall gaming strategy. The company envisions leveraging cloud technology and client systems to enhance AI-powered services and ensure a seamless digital experience for users. 

Windows 365, a service that streams a full version of Windows to devices, has so far been available only for commercial customers. Yet, integration



Microsoft's plan to move Windows 11 entirely to the cloud is a significant step towards a more accessible and flexible computing experience for consumers. By streaming Windows 11 from the cloud, users can access their preferred operating system on any device, providing more versatility and convenience. This move also ties into Microsoft's broader strategy to expand its gaming and cloud-based services across various consumer markets. With an emphasis on cloud-based solutions, Microsoft aims to provide seamless integration across multiple platforms, improving productivity and user satisfaction in the long run.

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Microsoft is planning to transition Windows from the traditional desktop version to a cloud-based platform. The company aims to make Windows 11 available as a full operating system streamed from the cloud and accessible from any device. This transition is part of Microsoft's overall gaming strategy, which was revealed during the FTC v. Microsoft hearing. Microsoft will build on their Windows 365 platform to make this possible, and the company hopes to capitalize on this long-term opportunity. In addition, Microsoft will need to make sure that the transition to the cloud is seamless and secure for their users. The company will also need to ensure that their Windows 11 cloud platform can be accessed from any device with the correct hardware and software components. By making this transition, Microsoft will be able to provide users with a more efficient, secure, and reliable Windows experience.

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