Microsoft Fabric - What is LakeHouse?
Microsoft Fabric
Jul 14, 2023 11:00 PM

Microsoft Fabric - What is LakeHouse?

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Welcome to the Microsoft Fabric step-by-step series. During this video, we will learn what is Lakehouse in MS Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric's LakeHouse is a major subject of this step-by-step series. This tutorial aims to teach what Lakehouse is in MS Fabric and the steps involved in creating a Lakehouse in MS Fabric. The core areas of focus in this lesson are identification and creation of a Lakehouse in the Microsoft Fabric platform.

The video has been conveniently partitioned into chapters for easy navigation. Key chapters include 'What is Lakehouse?' and 'Create Lakehouse'. Two alternate options for Lakehouse are also presented in this tutorial followed by a first look at the created Lakehouse.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:10 What is Lakehouse?
  • 00:35 Create Lakehouse
  • 00:48 Lakehouse - Option 1
  • 01:02 Lakehouse - Option 2
  • 01:37 Lakehouse First Look

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Understanding Microsoft Fabric's Lakehouse

The Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric's series is designed to provide tech enthusiasts with the understanding and steps necessary in creating their first Lakehouse. The whole concept of Lakehouse adds a new perspective to data storing and data analytics in modern software technologies. By following this instructional series, you will gain practical experience and knowledge on using the Lakehouse feature in Microsoft Fabric.

Learn about Microsoft Fabric - What is LakeHouse?

Microsoft Fabric is a technology that enables data engineering and data lakes to be built quickly and efficiently. It is composed of components that allow for the efficient and secure storage of data, as well as powerful distributed computing capabilities. Lakehouse is a component of Microsoft Fabric that enables users to build data lakes quickly and easily. It provides a data platform for ingesting, transforming, and loading data. This tutorial will provide an overview of Lakehouse, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to create a Lakehouse instance. After completing this tutorial, users will understand the fundamentals of Lakehouse and be able to create a basic data lake using the Lakehouse platform.

Lakehouse is a distributed data platform that provides customers with the ability to build data lakes. It provides a data platform for ingesting, transforming, and loading data. It allows users to easily store and process large amounts of data in a secure and efficient manner. Lakehouse provides customers with a comprehensive solution for building data lakes, including data ingestion, data transformation, data storage, data analytics, and data governance. It also provides a set of tools and APIs for data integration and analytics. The Lakehouse platform enables customers to quickly build data lakes from diverse sources, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

In order to create a Lakehouse instance, users will need to have access to an Azure subscription and access to the Azure portal. Once these prerequisites are met, users can complete the following steps to create their first Lakehouse instance:

  • Create an Azure resource group
  • Create an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 account
  • Create an Azure Data Lake Analytics account
  • Create an Azure Data Factory pipeline
  • Create a Lakehouse instance
  • Configure the Lakehouse instance
  • Create a data lake
Once these steps are completed, users will have created their first Lakehouse instance and will be able to begin building their data lake.

Microsoft Fabric's Lakehouse is a powerful and efficient platform for building data lakes. It enables users to quickly and easily ingest, transform, and load data. It also provides a comprehensive set of tools and APIs for data integration and analytics. By following this tutorial, users will be able to understand the fundamentals of Lakehouse and create their first Lakehouse instance.

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