Live Q&A: Kasper de Jonge on Power BI & MS Fabric, Apr 27
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Apr 27, 2024 4:24 PM

Live Q&A: Kasper de Jonge on Power BI & MS Fabric, Apr 27

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Live 🔴: Master Microsoft Fabric & Power BI with Kasper de Jonge - Ask Now!

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  • Join Guy in a Cube for a live Q&A session on Microsoft Fabric & Power BI, featuring special guest Kasper de Jonge.
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  • Kasper de Jonge can be reached for more insights through his website and social media platforms but ensure not to repost questions during the Q&A.
  • Guy in a Cube offers training courses aimed at enhancing your Power BI skills.
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Exploring Microsoft Fabric and Power BI

The integration of Microsoft Fabric with Power BI represents a significant advancement in the analytics and business intelligence sphere. Microsoft Fabric, being a distributed systems framework, when combined with the analytical prowess of Power BI, offers users unparalleled capabilities in processing, analyzing, and visualizing data in real-time. This powerful amalgamation aids in crafting insightful, data-driven decisions, enhancing business operations across various sectors.

During the live Q&A sessions, experts like Kasper de Jonge delve into the intricacies of both platforms, providing users with the opportunity to understand their functionalities, best practices, and advanced features. These interactions facilitate a deeper understanding of how to leverage Microsoft Fabric and Power BI to their full potential, translating complex data sets into actionable insights.

Moreover, the training courses offered by Guy in a Cube aim to elevate users' proficiency, enabling them to harness the sophisticated capabilities of these tools effectively. Such educational resources are instrumental in nurturing a community of well-informed professionals adept at navigating the complexities of data analysis and business intelligence.

Engaging with the community through social media platforms further enriches this learning experience, allowing for the exchange of knowledge, tips, and insights among peers and experts alike. As the landscape of data and analytics continues to evolve, staying updated through these channels is crucial for anyone looking to excel in utilizing Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.


Power BI - Live Q&A: Kasper de Jonge on Power BI & MS Fabric, Apr 27


People also ask

What is Microsoft Fabric in Power BI?

Microsoft Fabric represents the forefront of technology in the realms of Data Analytics and Data Engineering. Microsoft has significantly invested in Fabric, particularly evident in their integration of Power BI into this framework. Power BI is recognized as the leading cloud-based Business Intelligence tool within the industry, under Microsoft's belt.

Did Microsoft Fabric replace Power BI?

Microsoft Fabric acts as an extension of Power BI Premium, incorporating all of its functionalities and adding six additional core capabilities. In facilitating a smooth transition, customers can now tap into Fabric's features while utilizing their existing Power BI Premium per capacity arrangements.

Is Microsoft Fabric free the same as Power BI?

There are various Premium capacities available. Initially, self-service sign-up was disabled, considering the widespread possession of E5 licenses among users. However, the option for self-service sign-up has been reinstated within the Power BI admin tenant settings recently.

What is the Q&A button in Power BI?

The Q&A feature is accessible on dashboards within the Power BI service, and notably at the dashboard's bottom when using Power BI mobile. Should the dashboard designer grant edit permissions, users can permanently add the visual to their dashboard by pinning it. For further details, users are encouraged to explore the functionality of Q&A on a dashboard.



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