Microsoft Fabric: Local OneLake Tools
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Aug 24, 2023 2:00 PM

Microsoft Fabric: Local OneLake Tools

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Sometimes you need to be able to interact with your cloud data locally

Microsoft Fabric's Local OneLake Tools offer the ability to interact with cloud data locally for troubleshooting, diagnosing issues, or conducting analysis via local tools. This streamlines the process by eliminating the need to always download new file copies. Two tools in particular facilitate this, namely, the OneLake File Explorer and the Azure Storage Explorer. The video discussed provides an in-depth look at using both tools, including potential caveats to be mindful of.

The OneLake File Explorer is an administrative tool designed to interact with OneLake data. It provides robust navigation features, administration settings, downloading options, and demonstrations on adding, deleting, syncing files, and optimizing system file access in the OneLake File Explorer.

One caveat, however, is the potential egress costs associated with data transfer. The video also explores the Azure Storage Explorer, outlining how to connect and navigate through OneLake data using this tool. This includes a roundup and outro with useful links for further study on the OneLake File Explorer and Azure Storage Explorer.


The video is part of a larger series that also includes discussions on the Lakehouse and Medallion Architecture, planning and architecting a data project, data ingest, and creating a shortcut to ADLS Gen2 in Fabric. All these are valuable resources for understanding and using Microsoft Fabric's Local OneLake Tools.

Further Benefits of Microsoft Fabric's Local OneLake Tools

The OneLake Tools in Microsoft Fabric offer substantial benefits. They provide seamless, local interaction with cloud data, easing the process of data analysis and troubleshooting. They eliminate the procedure of perpetually downloading new copies of files, making data management more efficient. This results in significant time and resource savings. Both the OneLake File Explorer and Azure Storage Explorer, especially, offer user-friendly interfaces and advanced features that heighten the ease of navigating and managing data locally. Overall, the Local OneLake Tools are indispensable for streamlined, local cloud data management.

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Microsoft Fabric provides tools to interact with cloud data locally. The OneLake File Explorer and Azure Storage Explorer allow users to browse cloud data without having to download new copies of files. In this video, we take a look at the two tools, look at the caveats of using them, and demonstrate how to use them. We learn that the OneLake File Explorer can be used to add, delete, and sync files, but one should be aware of the “System” file access in the OneLake File Explorer and potential egress costs. We also learn how to connect to OneLake in Azure Storage Explorer and navigate OneLake data. Finally, we are provided with a series of useful links for further study.


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