Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Fabric & Power BI Licenses
Microsoft Fabric
Mar 26, 2024 5:00 PM

Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Fabric & Power BI Licenses

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Unlock Power BI & Fabric Licensing Secrets: AMA with Expert Gregory at Skypoint

Key insights


  • Interactive AMA Session: An opportunity for professionals, enthusiasts, and students to gain insights into Microsoft Fabric and Power BI Licensing from expert Gregory Petrossian.
  • Essential Discussions: Greg will cover the latest trends, best practices, and strategic advice on navigating the licensing landscapes, assisting various stakeholders from business owners to data analysts.
  • Engagement and Networking: The session features an interactive Q&A, urging participants to engage actively, and offers networking opportunities with professionals in the business intelligence and data management field.
  • Licensing Overview: Microsoft Fabric operates on a pay-as-you-go model focusing on storage and compute costs, whereas Power BI offers tiered licensing options fitting different organizational needs.
  • Key Considerations for Licensing: Important factors include understanding the transition for existing Premium customers to Fabric licenses, considering pay-as-you-go versus reservation to reduce costs, and the necessity of Pro licenses for collaboration within organizations.

Exploring Microsoft Fabric and Power BI Licensing

Microsoft Fabric and Power BI have emerged as pivotal tools in the realm of business intelligence and data management, offering robust solutions to harness the power of data more efficiently. Through an interactive AMA session with Gregory Petrossian, attendees have the opportunity to dive deep into these platforms, unraveling complexities of licensing, insights on best practices, and guidelines for effective use. The discussion ranges from the latest trends in business intelligence to strategic advice on navigating through the daunting licensing landscape. Participants can expect to leave with a profound understanding of how to optimize their use of Microsoft Fabric and Power BI, whether their role involves data analysis, business ownership, or simply a curiosity in the field. Leveraging this session, attendees can also connect with peers and industry experts, fostering a community of like-minded individuals passionate about advancing in the business intelligence domain.


Microsoft Fabric

  • What it is: Cloud-based platform for streamlined BI development and management.
  • Licensing: Pay-as-you-go based on storage and compute usage.

Power BI Licensing

  • Free: Personal use only, no sharing.
  • Pro: Collaboration and sharing, required for Fabric publishing ($10/user/month).
  • Premium Per User (PPU): Advanced features and larger datasets ($20/user/month).
  • Premium Per Capacity: Dedicated resources for large organizations (fixed monthly cost).

Key Considerations

  • Existing Premium customers transition to F64 Fabric license.
  • Reservations offer significant cost savings over pay-as-you-go.
  • Collaborating requires Pro licenses for all users.
  • Predicting Fabric compute costs can be difficult.

Join the insightful AMA session with Gregory Petrossian at Skypoint, a renowned expert in business intelligence and data management solutions. This interactive event promises to be an invaluable resource for professionals, enthusiasts, and students interested in learning about Microsoft Fabric and Power BI licensing. Dive deep into the complexities of these platforms and how they can benefit your data management strategies.

Expect a detailed discussion on the latest trends, best practices, and strategic advice for navigating the licensing landscapes of these platforms. Whether you're a business owner, a data analyst, or simply curious about the field, the knowledge shared will be of immense value. Additionally, the interactive Q&A segment offers a unique opportunity to get answers to your specific questions directly from an expert.




People also ask

Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365

"Does Microsoft Fabric include Power BI?" Answer: Indeed, Power BI is integrated as an application within Microsoft Fabric. Utilization of Fabric's features necessitates a workspace housed within premium capacity, implying a requirement for either a PPU (Per User Premium) or a Premium license. Accordingly, employing Fabric's capabilities situates your license within the Free Trial category due to its reliance on Premium Capacity WS. "What is the difference between Fabric and Power BI premium?" Answer: The delineation between Fabric and Power BI Premium primarily resides in their billing approaches: Power BI Premium adheres to a dedicated capacity pricing model, whereby a constant monthly charge is levied irrespective of actual utilization levels. "Is Microsoft Fabric included in E5 license?" Answer: Fabric's functionalities are inaccessible absent Premium or Fabric capacity provisions. With F64 indicating a threshold for sharing among free users, acquiring a F2 (the minimum capacity units) enables E5 license holders, who possess Pro capabilities, to leverage Fabric. "What are the different licenses in Power BI?" Answer: Power BI’s licensing spectrum encompasses: Power BI Desktop / Free, offering a complimentary license that permits data connection, analysis, and report generation; Power BI Pro, presenting an advanced licensing tier; Power BI Premium per User, which extends further capabilities on a per-user basis; and Power BI Premium, which delivers comprehensive enterprise-level functionalities.



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