Open Book Microsoft Expert Exams Now Available without Any Other Texts
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Aug 25, 2023 8:00 AM

Open Book Microsoft Expert Exams Now Available without Any Other Texts

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Microsoft permits access to Microsoft Learn during exams, providing a rich learning resource to validate examinees real-world expertise.

Microsoft has made their exams open book by permitting access to Microsoft Learn content during the exam. For over 30 years, Microsoft Certifications have been a testament to technical proficiency.
With a focus on enhancing the accessibility and relevance of their certifications in real-world scenarios, Microsoft is adding a valuable new resource to role-based certification exams.
Starting from August 22, updated exams will allow candidates to access Microsoft Learn while taking the exam.
This resource will be available in all role-based and specialty exams across all languages by mid-September.

  • You can use Microsoft Learn as a lookup tool during the exam.
  • The exam timer will not stop while using this resource.
  • Microsoft Learn is not intended to answer every question but for lookup during problem-solving questions.
  • Access on everything on will be provided except for the Q&A and profile section.
  • This resource is not available for fundamentals exams.

To use Microsoft Learn during your exams, you will select the Microsoft Learn button on the exam question screen. This will open Microsoft Learn in a split screen to the right of the exam question. Navigating the website will be as normal, and full-screen expansion is also possible. Screenshots are provided to demonstrate the experience

More Information on Microsoft's Open Book Exams

Microsoft's open book exams are a revolutionary change in the certification process. This new feature offers learners the opportunity to use Microsoft Learn as a tool during the exam to look up information as required.
This important resource, however, should be used wisely as the exam time will not be extended. It is specifically designed for problem-solving questions where candidates might need to refer to the tool for additional information.
Overall, this facility provides a unique opportunity for exam takers to validate their real-world expertise using Microsoft's rich learning content.

Learn about Microsoft Exams are Now Open Book!

Microsoft Exams are now open book, allowing candidates to access Microsoft Learn content during their exams. This new resource is designed to help with all role-based (associate, expert, and specialty) certification exams. It is available in all languages by mid-September and will not extend the exam time. Candidates can use this resource to look up information on Microsoft Learn that is relevant to the exam questions. It is not intended to be leveraged to answer every question, and it is only available on role-based exams, not fundamentals. During the exam, the Microsoft Learn button will open Microsoft Learn in a split screen next to the exam question. It can then be expanded to full screen if desired.


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