Microsoft Entra: Expert Insights with Merill Fernando
Microsoft Entra
Jan 24, 2024 4:30 AM

Microsoft Entra: Expert Insights with Merill Fernando

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Discover Microsoft Entra Insights with Product Manager Merill Fernando!

Key insights


Microsoft Entra: The Inside Story – Merill Fernando, a Product Manager at Microsoft based in Melbourne, Australia, shares insights on Microsoft's identity platform.

Discussion includes the transition from Azure AD to Entra ID, highlighting the evolution of the service.

Merill Fernando emphasizes the rapid development of new features within Entra.

  • Product insights from Merill Fernando, a Microsoft Entra expert.
  • Transition details of Azure AD rebranding to Entra ID.
  • Highlight on the frequent introduction of new features in Entra.
  • Analysis of key features for MS Partners and customers.
  • Expert perspective on the future of Microsoft's Identity platform.

Understanding Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra is a cornerstone of Microsoft's security services, providing robust identity and access management solutions. It has been rebranded from the well-known Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to encapsulate a broader range of features and services. In maintaining Microsoft's commitment to security, Entra is continuously updated with new functionalities to enhance the safety and management of user identities across various applications and services. The platform plays a critical role for both MS Partners and customers, ensuring secure access and simplifying identity management in increasingly complex digital environments. As companies navigate through the digital transformation era, tools like Entra are pivotal in establishing secure and efficient operational frameworks.

Microsoft Entra: The Inside Story - With Merill Fernando In this video, I'm joined by the amazing Merill Fernando who is a Product Manager for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft in Melbourne, Australia. We talk about the rename from Azure AD to Microsoft Entra, highlighting the significance of the change. The conversation delves into the frequent introduction of new features in Microsoft Entra and explores what Merill believes will be integral for MS Partners and clients.


Microsoft Entra - Unveiling Microsoft Entra: Expert Insights with Merill Fernando

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