How to setup Microsoft Entra Private Access
Microsoft Entra
Dec 6, 2023 4:00 AM

How to setup Microsoft Entra Private Access

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Explore Microsoft Entra Private Access for secure, identity-centric connectivity!

Microsoft Entra Private Access - initial configuration first look! Join me as we dive deep into the latest advancements in Microsoft’s security and connectivity solutions, under the Global Secure Access banner, with a special focus on the newly released Microsoft Entra Private Access.

Reimagine secure access with Microsoft Entra. Discover the latest identity and access innovations and how to strengthen your defenses with Microsoft Entra.


Secure access to all private apps. Built on Zero Trust principles, Microsoft Entra provides a way to safely connect users from any device and any network to private applications, whether they're hosted on-premises or on any cloud.

Modernize private app access with identity-centric ZTNA. Quickly and easily connect remote users to private apps from any device and any network. Replace the complexity and cost of legacy VPNs by preventing extensive access and halting potential compromise through lateral movement.

Prevent breaches with conditional access controls. Automated discovery, onboarding, and grouping of private applications over any port and protocol streamline operation. Conditional access policies enforce per-app access controls. Optimal local access provides users with a fast and seamless experience.

Enhance security through granular app segmentation. Limit threat exposure by setting precise segments and microsegments at different levels such as user, process, or device. Control access across diverse environments like hybrid and multicloud setups, private networks, and datacenters.

Get an identity-centric solution. Microsoft Entra enhances network access security and user experience anywhere by enforcing adaptive access controls, part of Microsoft's security service edge solution.



Microsoft Entra Private Access capabilities include offering an alternative to legacy VPNs. It lets you configure wide private IP ranges and fully qualified domain names to enable identity-based secure access to all private resources.

Enforce multifactor authentication even on legacy protocols like Kerberos and NT LAN Manager (NTLM). Adaptive per-app access allows for setting precise access controls for each private app.

Explore the Microsoft Entra product family. Guarantee safe connections between people, apps, resources, and devices with multicloud identity and network access products.

Additional resources include a comprehensive guide on Microsoft Entra Private Access as part of their SSE solution, detailed datasheets, infographics explaining key SSE components, and full documentation on how to manage and deploy Microsoft Entra Private Access.

Protect everything and grow your future today.

What is Microsoft Entra Private Access?

Microsoft Entra Private Access represents a turning point in secure remote access, centering on identity management. By utilizing Zero Trust, this innovative solution streamlines the process of granting users secure access to private apps across various environments. Practicing granular access controls, identity verification, and multifactor authentication, Microsoft Entra Private Access guards against unauthorized access and potential security breaches. Its comprehensive suite within the Microsoft Entra lineup offers a cohesive strategy for safeguarding digital resources while promoting productivity for users regardless of their location.

Microsoft Entra Private Access Featues

Welcome to an overview of Microsoft Entra Private Access, a component of Microsoft's security and connectivity offerings. We'll take a first look at the initial configuration of this service, which is part of the broader Global Secure Access suite. This product promises to bring exciting advancements to the realm of secure access.

The goal of Microsoft Entra Private Access is to reimagine secure access, utilizing the latest in identity and access innovations. It aims to bolster defenses, providing secure access to all your private applications, seamlessly integrating with various cloud environments and on-premises setups.

Microsoft Entra Private Access operates on the Zero Trust framework, helping to mitigate risk while enhancing user productivity. It offers users quick and secure connections to private apps from any device and network, thereby modernizing app access with an identity-centric zero trust network access (ZTNA) approach.

With Microsoft Entra Private Access, it's easier to connect users to private apps remotely. It simplifies the migration away from traditional VPNs, reducing operational complexity and costs. It also works towards eliminating excessive access while preventing lateral movements that could lead to security breaches.

The service introduces conditional access controls that help automate the discovery, onboarding, and grouping of private apps over any protocol. This enables per-app access controls based on conditional access policies, streamlining access experiences through optimized local connections.

Enhanced security is achieved via granular app segmentation. With the ability to define microsegments at the user, process, or device level, Microsoft Entra Private Access limits threat exposure and controls access to apps across diverse environments, networks, and data centers.

This identity-centric solution is part of Microsoft's security service edge (SSE) solution. It unifies and adapts access controls, simplifying network access security while providing an excellent user experience regardless of location.

Key capabilities of Microsoft Entra Private Access include: configuring broad private ranges and fully qualified domain names for identity-centric, Zero Trust-based access. It allows for multifactor authentication on dated protocols, and enables adaptive, granular per-app access controls.

  • Explore multiple Microsoft Entra products that focus on safeguarding various connections.
  • Learn about individual Microsoft Entra capabilities such as Verified ID, Permissions Management, Workload ID, Internet Access, and more.

Discover the additional resources provided to further understand Microsoft Entra Private Access. Learn from the datasheet, SSE infographic, and extensive documentation available in the Microsoft Entra admin center. Get started today to secure your digital environment and nurture the growth of your future projects.

Microsoft Entra - Setup Guide: Initial Look at Microsoft Entra Access

People also ask

What is Microsoft Entra private access?

Microsoft Entra Private Access is a Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) solution that allows secure, context-based access to private applications hosted in on-premises environments and across multi-cloud setups. It replaces traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network) access methods with a more secure and granular access control model, ensuring that only authenticated and authorized users can access specific applications based on predefined policies that take into account user identity, device health status, and other security criteria.

What is Microsoft Entra Internet access?

Microsoft Entra Internet Access might be a misinterpretation or confusion with Microsoft Entra Verified ID or Conditional Access policies, which protect internet-facing applications. Microsoft Entra, as a suite, is centered around identity and access management, but does not specifically offer a service called "Internet Access." It's essential to clarify the precise services and features under the Microsoft Entra suite to avoid any inaccuracies.

What is global secure access in Entra?

Global Secure Access in Microsoft Entra is likely referring to the capabilities provided by Microsoft Entra's suite of security solutions for ensuring secure, identity-based access to an organization's resources, regardless of location. This concept aligns with Zero Trust principles where trust is never assumed based on location or network, and every access request is fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted before granting access. This global approach to secure access emphasizes the consistent application of security policies and access controls to protect the organization's resources and data across all environments and geographies.


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