Beginners Guide to Microsoft Entra ID - Azure Active Directory
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Oct 17, 2023 1:00 AM

Beginners Guide to Microsoft Entra ID - Azure Active Directory

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Become a Microsoft Entra ID expert! Learn to simplify and secure sign-ins, manage licenses for Microsoft 365, Office 365, utilize unique features like condition

Enhance Your Online Identity Management with Microsoft's Solution

This YouTube video offers a comprehensive walkthrough on how to utilize the Microsoft's cloud-based identification solution, formerly known as Azure Active Directory, now being addressed as the Microsoft's ID system.

The ID system allows the management of service licensing for various Microsoft resources like Office 365, Microsoft Purview and more. It boasts of features like passwordless authentication, conditional access and dynamic groups. It's designed to streamline tasks like adding and editing user accounts.

Jeremy Chapman, from Microsoft, provides insight into setting up and configuring this integrated identity provider to sign into non-Microsoft services such as Google, AWS, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

The Role of the Cloud-based ID System

Microsoft's ID system assists employees in accessing external resources such as the Azure portal, Microsoft 365, and numerous other SaaS applications. It's also a tool for accessing internal tools such as apps on your corporate intranet, or any proprietary cloud apps.

The Microsoft's unified identity solution provides varying benefits to different members of an organization. IT admins, for instance, can use it to control access to app resources, require multi-factor authentication for crucial organizational resources and automate user provisioning.

Moreover, developers can utilize the Microsoft's APIs to build tailored experiences using organizational data and add Single Sign-On (SSO) features to apps which work with users' existing credentials.

Variations of the Microsoft's ID System License

To add onto the free variant of the Microsoft's identification solution, users can upgrade to the P1 or Premium P2 licenses that are equipped with added features. These paid versions include improved monitoring, security reporting, access for mobile users, and also facilitate self-service.

P1 enhances hybrid user access across cloud and on-premise resources, dynamic groups, and more advanced administration aspects. P2, being a more evolved version, comprises risk-based Conditional Access and Privileged Identity Management.

The various features that the Microsoft's identification solution incorporates range from application, authentication management to hybrid identity, identity protection and many more. These are designed to provide a tailored user experience and are spread across various categories of the ID system license.

Terminology of Microsoft’s Unified Identity Solution

To facilitate understanding, the Microsoft's ID system terminology is well-explained, encompassing terms and concepts like identities, account, Azure tenant, Azure subscription, single and multi-tenant, Microsoft's account, and more.

At the core, the identification solution focuses on creating a secure framework for organization to manage access to and interaction with their technological resources.

Whether you're an app developer looking to enhance user experience, an IT admin in need of better control over organizational resources, or a Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure, or Dynamics CRM Online subscriber, the Microsoft's ID system is a revolutionary tool to streamline and safeguard your digital interactions.


Read the full article Microsoft Entra ID Beginner's Tutorial (Azure Active Directory)


Microsoft Entra ID Beginner's Tutorial (Azure Active Directory)

In this tutorial, we explore the features and functions of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory, now known as Microsoft Entra ID. This integrated service enhances users' sign-in experiences by simplifying and improving security measures.

Microsoft's software can be used to manage service licensing for various platforms, including Microsoft 365, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Microsoft Purview. It provides unique features like passwordless authentication, conditional access, Single Sign-on, and Dynamic Groups. These aspects can help users perform common tasks like managing user accounts and adjusting group settings.

Microsoft's service is an efficient tool for gaining access to non-Microsoft services, like Google, AWS, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. Jeremy Chapman, a director at Microsoft 365 and experienced admin in directory services and endpoint management, details the setup and configuration in a YouTube video.


Offered as a cloud-based identity and access management service, Microsoft's software allows employees access to external resources such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and numerous SaaS applications. It also helps employees access internal resources like apps on your corporate network, and any cloud apps developed in your organization.

Various roles within your organization can benefit differently from using Microsoft Entra ID.

  • IT admins can use it to control access to apps and app resources,

  • App developers can use Microsoft Entra APIs to personalize app experiences,

  • Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure, or Dynamics CRM Online subscribers already use Microsoft's software.

The licences for the software platform come in multiple variants: Microsoft Entra ID Free, P1, P2, and "Pay as you go" feature licenses. After choosing your license, you'll have access to a variety of identity governance features, such as Authentication, Business-to-Business, and Device Management, among others.

Microsoft Entra ID allows you to understand, manage, and control the identities within your organization. Additionally, specific terms are used to describe various aspects of Microsoft's software, such as Identity, Account, Azure tenant, and many others. Understanding these terms will help users navigate and utilize Microsoft's software more efficiently.

Now equipped with this detailed understanding of Microsoft Entra ID, take the next steps by signing up for Microsoft Entra ID P1 or P2, associating an Azure subscription to your software platform, and checking out the platform's feature deployment checklist.



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