Microsoft Entra Goes Large!!
Microsoft Entra
Jul 12, 2023 9:43 AM

Microsoft Entra Goes Large!!

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At a Microsoft live event on June 11th 2023, Vasu Jakkal introduced us to some big announcements in the Microsoft Identity space. Specifically:

Microsoft Entra makes a big leap as announced in a live event held on June 11th, 2023, spearheaded by Vasu Jakkal. The announcements covered substantial updates in the Microsoft Identity ecosystem. Some crucial ones include:

  • Azure AD now goes by the name Microsoft Entra ID
  • The unveiling of new Identity categories
  • Introduction of Microsoft Entra Internet Access
  • Launch of Microsoft Entra Private Access

Several resources have been made available to explore further:

Deep Dive Into Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra marks a significant upgrade in the Microsoft Identity sphere, with a comprehensive rebranding and release of enhanced capabilities. Central to this upgrade is the rechristening of Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID, reflecting a more integrated, wide-ranging identity solution. Additionally, the launch of Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Private Access heralds Microsoft's movement towards flexible and secure global access solutions. Together, they hold promise for shaping the landscape of secure networking and identity management.

Learn about Microsoft Entra Goes Large!!

At a Microsoft live event on June 11th 2023, Vasu Jakkal introduced us to some big announcements in the Microsoft Identity space. Specifically, Azure AD was renamed to Microsoft Entra ID, new Identity categories were introduced, and Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access were announced. Microsoft Entra is a comprehensive identity and access management system that provides secure access to critical business services and applications. It provides secure access to the corporate network, applications, and data, and also enables organizations to manage access to their resources from any device. It also provides the ability to easily and securely manage user access to corporate resources, including authentication, authorization, and single sign-on capabilities.

Microsoft Entra offers a wide range of features to help organizations protect their data and resources, including multi-factor authentication, identity and access management, data loss prevention, and more. With Microsoft Entra, organizations can control who has access to their resources, and can also set up automated processes to manage user access. Additionally, Microsoft Entra can be used to integrate with other identity and access management systems, such as Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.

To learn more about Microsoft Entra, organizations can refer to several useful resources, such as The Blog, New Name for Azure Active Directory, Get Started with Global Secure Access, and SASE vs SSE: What are the Differences. The Blog provides an overview of the new features and capabilities of Microsoft Entra, while the other resources provide more in-depth information about the system and how to set up and use it. Additionally, organizations can visit the Microsoft Entra website to learn more about the platform and to get support and guidance for their organization's identity and access management needs.


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