Advanced GPT Seller Experience Boosts Microsoft Viva Sales
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Sep 26, 2023 3:22 PM

Advanced GPT Seller Experience Boosts Microsoft Viva Sales

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Unlock greater sales success with Microsofts AI-powered Viva Sales, streamlining outreach for efficient customer communication.

A New Chapter in AI-empowered Sales Process

Microsoft recently took a major step towards transforming the sales landscape by enhancing its sales product, popularly known as Viva Sales. The company decided to rebrand Viva Sales on July 18, 2023, as Microsoft Sales Copilot to complement its advanced GPT. In the context of the sales profession, the age-old saying "time is money" holds a significant implication. And it's evident that opportunities are lost when time is wasted on trivial tasks as opposed to focusing on core sales functions.

Aiming to eradicate such impediments and maximizing productivity, Microsoft is employing AI technology to help sales representatives concentrate on important facets like creating meaningful relationships with the clients, fostering trust, and developing long-term relationships. With this ambition, they've announced a preview of a transformative AI-empowered experience within Microsoft Sales Copilot. This feature enables sales representatives to communicate more efficiently with potential and existing clientele.

The new AI-powered upgrade in the Sales Copilot will now generate suggested content for an array of situations such as replying to a query or crafting a proposal. It will include data that is specifically pertinent to the recipient such as pricing, promotions, and deadlines. This feature aims to cut down the time spent by sellers on composing emails and rummaging for sales data. According to fresh research contracted by Microsoft, managing emails consumes over 66 percent of a seller's day, and this new feature can help reclaim this precious time.

Upcoming Highlights in Microsoft Sales Copilot

Microsoft is consistently bringing in fresh and innovative upgrades to Sales Copilot with their monthly product updates. With the potent combination of the Azure OpenAI Service and GPT, the tool provides access to a plethora of rich and people-centric data along with crucial insights, all within Microsoft Cloud. This equips sales representatives with the ability to follow up with potential and existing customers effectively, thereby enhancing their overall communication and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Including responsible AI plays a significant role in their design process. The work is predominantly guided by a fundamental set of values; fairness, reliability, safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. Microsoft keeps these principles at the forefront while developing and deploying AI across the organization, which ensures that the impact on society is positive.

Microsoft Sales Copilot was made generally available in October 2022 and has since received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. The company is continually adding new enhancements to the product through regular product updates. To learn more about it and get started today, visit this link.

Final Remarks

Microsoft's initiative to boost its sales product with the new generative AI-powered feature is a prime example of the innovative strides AI technology is making in the field of Sales. Named "Microsoft Sales Copilot", this tool is all set to revolutionize the whole process of selling by making it more efficient, focused, and data-driven. The efficient management of emails, personalized responses, and efficient follow-ups are some of the promising aspects of this tool. The AI-powered revolution in sales is indeed exciting, and we can only wait to see what the future holds for this rapidly evolving field.

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Viva - Advanced GPT Seller Experience Boosts Microsoft Viva Sales

Learn about Microsoft Enhances Viva Sales via Advanced GPT Seller Experience

The Microsoft update announced on 7/18/2023 marks an innovative step in the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in the sales industry. The main topic revolves around the sales product suite enhancement via use of generative AI, in particular, the Microsoft's Sales Copilot formerly known as Viva Sales.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject, it is advisable to delve into various resources that cover aspects of AI, generative AI, Microsoft's Sales Copilot, and GPT seller experiences.

  • Begin with a course on artificial intelligence focused on sales applications. This will grant you an extensive understanding on the use of AI in the industry, particularly how it adds value by automating processes and offering insightful data.
  • Next, look for specialized training on generative AI. This advanced type of AI produces new content by learning from training data, a core function of the updated Microsoft's Sales Copilot.
  • For a detailed understanding of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and its application in sales, enroll in a course or seminar specifically tackling this subject. It is a valuable tool that generates human-like text, which Microsoft's Sales Copilot capitalizes on to increase efficiency and effectiveness in communication.
  • Microsoft offers numerous resources to learn about its products. Use their online tutorials and webinars to learn about the specifics of Microsoft's Sales Copilot. These tools will guide you through the features and best practices.

Furthermore, staying informed with latest developments in AI will be beneficial. Subscribe to relevant AI and tech blogs. Engage in community forums such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community to discuss, ask questions and gain insight from real users' experiences. Reading books and scholarly articles on AI and sales technology trends can also enhance your knowledge.

Finally, remember that practical experience is invaluable. Experiment with trial versions of Microsoft's Sales Copilot and similar AI sales tools. Get comfortable with these systems, and you'll be able to understand and appreciate the recent updates.

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