Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp Now Available in Consumer 365 Account
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Sep 5, 2023 9:00 AM

Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp Now Available in Consumer 365 Account

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Explore the AI-powered Microsoft Designer, versatile for creating custom designs from templates or scratch offering brand kits & quick-publishing features.

Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp are now featured in the Consumer 365 account. Microsoft Designer is a web-based design tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allowing users to create professional graphics, illustrations, and visuals even without design experience. It generates designs from descriptions or simple ideas, that users can then customise. The AI technology used is based on the app DALL-E 2, which is popular for text-to-art generation.

Microsoft Designer provides a variety of templates for different needs like social media posts and presentations. Users can add their own text, images and colors, and the tool also provides several complex design capabilities. These include image placeholders, charts and graphs, and tools for custom shapes, fonts and styles. There are also collaboration features available as well as options for brand kits and quick-publishing to social media platforms.

Microsoft Designer is versatile and can be used for creating custom social media posts, designing presentations, creating infographics and marketing materials, and even to make email newsletters, reports and website banners. Users can also create their own brand kit, ensuring that designs adhere to the organization's guidelines on fonts, colors and design layouts. For personal use, Designer can also be used on personal creative projects and invitations.

Microsoft Designer images are created through a mix of AI and human design. The AI generates different design options and a human designer customises them to fit their needs. The images used are vector-based, allowing scaling without loss of quality. Users can also upload their own images and graphics in various formats. Designer also offers a variety of filters and effects that can be applied on the designs.

The full version of Microsoft Designer is currently in beta preview and is anticipated to launch sometime in 2023. There are similar apps to Designer, like Canva and Adobe Express, which are also great for creating designs. But Microsoft Designer is unique in its use of AI to generate graphic design options. While the current pace of AI-development suggests that competitor apps will soon emerge, Microsoft Designer remains the top option for AI-generated professional design capability.

Deep Dive into Microsoft Designer

In just a few simple steps, users can transform their ideas into designs using Microsoft Designer. With its wide range of templates and versatile tools, this web-based design tool is ideal for both professionals and beginners in the field of design. Its AI-powered technology, collaboration features and variety of design elements provide a unique experience in creating professional and engaging visuals for different purposes.

Learn about Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp are now showing in the Consumer 365 account .

The text introduces Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp as new features in the Consumer 365 account. Microsoft Designer is a web-based tool powered by AI for creating designs, graphics, and illustrations, regardless of the user's design experience. It transforms user ideas into customizable designs. Its capabilities include using templates for various purposes like social media posts and presentations, adding custom text, images, and colors. There are also advanced features for creating complex designs using shapes, charts, graphs, and various fonts and styles. MS Designer is also equipped with tools for collaboration, creating "brand kits", and quick-publishing to social media accounts.

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