Microsoft Copilot 2023: New Features in Microsoft 365
Microsoft Copilot
Nov 10, 2023 12:00 AM

Microsoft Copilot 2023: New Features in Microsoft 365

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Explore Microsoft 365s latest 2023 features, including the release of Copilot, innovations in Teams, and updates on OneDrive and Viva.

In this YouTube video, "MeeTime" announces the latest updates within the Microsoft 365 New Features 2023. The headlines include the release of Microsoft Copilot, updates in Teams, Viva, and minor announcements regarding OneDrive.

Microsoft is steering into a fresh AI chapter, which fundamentally changes our relationship with and benefits from technology. Chat interfaces and large language models are combined, enabling requests in natural language. The result? A technology smart enough to answer, create, or take action.

Microsoft envisions this transformation as having an AI assistant to help users navigate their tasks. They have integrated AI copilots into their most popular products - making coding efficient with GitHub, enhancing work productivity with Microsoft 365 platforms, redefining search with Bing and Edge, and offering contextual value across apps and PC with Windows.

We are now taking the next leap by integrating these capabilities into a single experience called your everyday AI companion (referred to it previously as Microsoft Copilot). It will use the context and intelligence of web, work data, and real-time activity on your PC to provide enhanced assistance, all while maintaining privacy and security at the forefront.

AI assistant will be incorporated seamlessly into Windows 11, Microsoft 365 platforms, and web browser with Edge and Bing. It will work as an app or reveal itself when needed with a right-click and we're considering adding capabilities and connections to our AI companion across all most-used applications over time

  • This revolutionary assistant will start rolling out as an early feature of Windows 11 free update on Sept. 26 and across Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 platforms this fall
  • The Windows 11 update, one of our most ambitious projects, contains over 150 new features. It brings AI-powered experiences to apps from Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365
  • DALL.E 3 model from OpenAI will be added to Bing, providing more personalized answers based on search history and a new AI-powered shopping experience
  • This assistant will be available for enterprise customers from Nov. 1, 2023, alongside Microsoft 365 Chat, a new AI assistant to redefine work

The Next-Gen AI Collaborator: New Advancements

Microsoft is setting a benchmark. The new Windows 11 update promises to make Windows your destination for the best AI experiences. Set to release on Sept. 26, 2023, let us glimpse into the future of Microsoft's AI advancements.

To start with, our AI assistant will empower users to create more, complete tasks with ease, and simplify once complicated tasks. It will be accessible on the taskbar or with the Win+C keyboard shortcut. It provides assistance alongside all your apps, across all screen sizes, and at any location you prefer.

AI has been introduced to the Paint app for better drawing and digital creation, allowing features like background removal and layers. Similarly, artificial intelligence has also improved the Photos app, offering superior features to edit your photos with ease. The Photos app can now quickly find your required photo based on its content or location.

The Snipping Tool now offers more ways to capture content on your screen. You can now extract specific text content from an image to paste it in another application. Likewise, the security of sensitive information is prioritized with a robust text redaction feature.

With the new update, Outlook for Windows allows you to connect and coordinate various accounts in one app. Intelligent tools help you write clear, concise emails and seamlessly attach vital documents and photos from OneDrive. Presenting a modernized File Explorer home, it's designed to help you access important and relevant content more easily.

Moreover, Windows Backup makes moving files, apps, and settings from one PC to a new Windows 11 PC seamless, ensuring everything's in the way you left it. Soon, personalized answers will be introduced in Bing and Edge, where your chat history can inform results.

On Bing or Edge, the AI assistant will help you find your online shopping items more quickly. And lastly, the Microsoft Edge has saved shoppers more than $4 billion in the last 12 months due to its price-saving feature.

Microsoft Copilot - Microsoft Copilot 2023: New Features in Microsoft 365

Learn about Microsoft Copilot Is Out SORT OF | Microsoft 365 New Features 2023

The video outlines the rollout of Microsoft Copilot, an AI companion that's set to impact everyday technology interaction. This program, now incorporated into Microsoft's widely used apps, seeks to enhance user experience across different platforms.

With Microsoft AI Copilot, users can interact smoothly in natural language, making work more efficient. The AI's functionality isn't limited to tasks completion. Whether it's performing a search on Bing, getting productivity insights on Microsoft 365, or receiving contextual value across your PC apps, Microsoft AI Copilot has got it covered.

The tech giant has taken another step in consolidating various capacities into a unified experience termed Microsoft Copilot, purposed for everyday use. This AI-driven assistant incorporates the intelligence of the web, your work data, and your ongoing tasks on your PC to provide personalized assistance while prioritizing your privacy and security.

Copilot, designed to be user-friendly and fluid, is set to be available on Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and on Edge and Bing via your web browsers. It can either function as an app or pop up when needed with a right-click. Microsoft plans to continually add capabilities and connections to Copilot across its range of widely used apps, with the grand vision of creating a singular experience across your everyday life.

Fall of 2023 promises to be exciting with the unveiling of Copilot as part of a free update to Windows 11, starting September 26. Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot – all have exciting offerings in the pipeline. New collaborations, features, and devices are set to transform personal and business experiences.

Highlighted in the announcement are the 150 new features that come with the next Windows 11 update, introducing Copilot's power and new AI experiences to widely used apps such as Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp among others. Bing will now offer more personalized search answers using DALL.E 3 model by OpenAI, an AI-driven shopping experience, and Bing Chat Enterprise updates.

Every feature of the Microsoft Copilot is designed to enhance user capabilities, from transforming productivity at work to redefining searching on Bing and Edge. It promises to deliver a better, smarter and more efficient user experience - inside and outside the office, in schools, and even at homes.

Microsoft's new update brings in an era of AI experiences - becoming the destination for tools such as Paint and Photos. The integrations carry with them additional features powered by AI such as background removal, automatic highlighting, and improved search capabilities. Beyond Paint and Photos, utilities such as Notepad and Clipchamp have similarly been enhanced – Notepad will now automatically save your sessions while Clipchamp now comes with auto compose, a helpful tool for video creation.

The new Outlook for Windows is also expected to transform how users connect and utilize their accounts in one app, equipped with tools to help write clearer, succinct emails, and to attach crucial documents and photos more seamlessly. Furthermore, the modernized File Explorer prioritizes accessibility and ease of use, aiming to transform the way users interact with the software.

The integration of the Microsoft Copilot experience into Windows 11 is the next step in Microsoft's goal to make the platform the best AI experience platform. With features helping you connect and support your various accounts, enhanced photo and drawing utilities, and improved search functions, the Microsoft AI experience will offer more, transforming the way you interact with your device.

Bing and Edge are similarly experiencing a transformation - with new features powered by the most advanced AI models available. With personalized answers and the integration of AI Copilot into the Microsoft Shopping experience, shoppers are bound to find what they need online more quickly and with more assurance.

Overall, the Microsoft AI Copilot experience is designed to improve the user experiences of some of the most widely used applications on your device - transforming productivity, searches, and overall efficiency.

As we stand on the edge of this new era, it is crucial to always stay updated, learning about these changing landscapes. Training courses in AI, machine learning and cloud-based services could provide a deeper understanding of the topic. Relevant courses include Microsoft AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, AI-102 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution; advances in ML, AI and the IoT are revolutionizing the world, and understanding them is crucial in navigating the technological world.

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