Microsofts New Copilot Copyright Commitment Announcement
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Sep 12, 2023 6:00 AM

Microsofts New Copilot Copyright Commitment Announcement

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Microsoft introduces Copilot Copyright Commitment, reassuring customers of IP infringement protection for AI-powered services usage.

Microsoft recently made an announcement regarding their new Copilot Copyright Commitment for consumers. The AI-powered Copilots from Microsoft are redefining the ways in which work is being executed, facilitating improved efficiency for users and catalyzing their inherent creativity. However, these innovative tools have been raising certain concerns. Users have expressed their anxiety about the possible risks of IP infringement claims if they use the product created by the AI. This user concern is understandable considering the public inquiries from authors and artists in recent times relating to the usage of their own work by AI models and services.

To respond to these queries, Microsoft is introducing their new Copilot Copyright Commitment. Accordingly, if users are concerned about potential copyright claims while using Copilot services and the product they generate, Microsoft's response is simple and reassuring: users can certainly use the Copilot service and in the event of a copyright challenge, Microsoft will assume the potential legal risk.

This commitment is extended from the previously existing intellectual property indemnity support to commercial Copilot services and also forms a part of the previous AI Customer Commitments made by Microsoft.

Specifically, if a lawsuit on copyright infringement is launched against a commercial customer for using Microsoft’s Copilots or their resultant product, Microsoft will fight for its customer and will bear any financial losses stemming from lawsuits or settlements, as long as the customer used the safety measures and content filters embedded in the products.

Additional information on Copilot Copyright Commitment

Microsoft reassures the commercial customers that any legal uncertainties they encounter while using Copilots, Microsoft will take responsibility for it. This belief is well-rooted as in the last two decades, Microsoft has been defending its customers from patent claims about its products. They have consistently broadened this coverage over time.

The current decision to extend the defense obligations to copyright claims of Copilots demonstrates that Microsoft is standing behind its customers while being sensitive and responsive towards the concerns of authors.

Microsoft strongly believes in the potentials and the necessity of AI in expanding knowledge and solving challenges that society confronts. They also encourage authors to retain their copyright control and acquire due returns on their creative works.

Microsoft has embedded critical safety measures into the Copilots for respecting author’s copyrights. It has integrated filters and different technologies aimed to lessen the chances of Copilots returning copyright-infringing content.

This decision supports Microsoft’s efforts to guarantee digital safety, security, and privacy. The Copilot Copyright Commitment necessitates customers to use these technologies, thereby promoting everyone to respect copyright issues more.


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Microsoft has announced a new Copilot Copyright Commitment to address customer concerns about the risk of IP infringement claims when using AI-generated output. Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilots have been transformative in driving efficiency and unlocking creativity. However, questions regarding copyright claims have arisen. In response, Microsoft answers that customers can use their Copilot services and the output without worrying about copyright claims. If challenged on copyright grounds, Microsoft will assume responsibility for potential legal risks. This commitment extends current intellectual property indemnity to commercial Copilot services, building on previous AI Customer Commitments. This guarantee encompasses defending customers from lawsuits and covering any costs that result from it.


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