SharePoint 2013 Workflow Support: Latest Microsoft 365 Update
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Support: Latest Microsoft 365 Update

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Unlock Microsoft 365s potential with new SharePoint 2013 Workflow Support Features. Migrate now for modern solutions.

Microsoft continuously seeks to deliver maximum value to their customers through their updated and secure solutions in this digitally transforming era. The latest news is the upcoming retirement of SharePoint 2013 workflow in 2026 as part of their gradual evolution of Microsoft 365 solutions after previously retiring SharePoint 2010 workflow in November of 2020. Starting from April 2, 2024, SharePoint 2013 workflow will no longer be available for new tenants, and by April 2, 2026, it will be completely retired.

This decision includes all environments like Government Clouds and Department of Defense. Microsoft recommends that users of SharePoint 2013 workflow migrate to Power Automate or other endorsed workflow orchestration solutions such as those from Preferred members of our Microsoft 365 Business Apps Partner Program. Those using a 3rd party workflow engine are also advised to check its dependency on Workflow 2013 and explore options for migrating to a future offering of the workflow engine. The SharePoint 2013 workflow cannot be extended beyond April 2, 2026.

To assist in transition, Microsoft strongly advises users to use the Microsoft 365 Assessment tool. This tool is necessary in scanning the user's tenants for SharePoint 2013 workflows usage. With the generated Power BI Workflow Report, users can identify all SharePoint 2013 workflows in the tenant per site collection, and site, evaluate usage, and plan for migration with minimal user impact. Furthermore, Microsoft advises Tenant administrators to turn off the creation of new SharePoint 2013 workflows once business needs have been confirmed.

Lastly, Microsoft suggests the use of Power Automate for workflow orchestration. This solution is designed to connect with all Microsoft 365 services and over 700 other services to support the building of custom workflows. There are also many 3rd party solutions available for direct orchestration of SharePoint data via SharePoint’s open API platform. Microsoft is committed to supporting users during this period of transition and will continue to provide updates through their support articles.

Broader Perspective

In this era of digital transformation, Microsoft is ensuring to keep up with modern, optimized, and secure solutions for its users. The decision to retire SharePoint 2013 workflow is a step towards modernizing their technologies. Encouraging migration to Power Automate and other supported workflow orchestration solutions will help the users keep up-to-date with latest technological advancements. Through the Microsoft 365 Assessment tool and Power BI Workflow report, the transition becomes more manageable, minimizing user impact and ensuring smoother workflows. The engagement of 3rd party solutions also shows Microsoft's flexibility in incorporations to provide the users with most optimized solutions. This step indeed signifies Microsoft's continuous investment in the process of business modernization under Microsoft 365 on the Power Platform.


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Learn about Microsoft 365 Update: New SharePoint 2013 Workflow Support Features

The blog post discusses Microsoft's continued drive to offer value to customers through upgraded, secure solutions. As part of this goal, Microsoft retired the SharePoint 2010 workflow in November 2020. The post further reveals that SharePoint 2013 workflows will be phased out within the next few years, with complete retirement set for April 2, 2026. This decision applies to all environments, including Government Clouds and the Department of Defense.

Customers already utilizing SharePoint 2013 workflows are urged to migrate to Power Automate or other approved workflow solutions. Third-party workflow engine users should ensure their engine does not rely on the 2013 workflow. Microsoft stresses that after April 2, 2026, there will be no option to extend the SharePoint 2013 workflow.

Furthermore, the blog post introduces the Microsoft 365 Assessment Tool, designed to help organizations decipher whether they employ SharePoint 2013 workflows.

  • The tool assesses SharePoint 2013 workflow usage.
  • Identifies all SharePoint 2013 workflows in the tenant, per site collection and site.
  • Evaluates the recency and volume of SharePoint 2013 workflows usage.
  • Creates Power Automate upgradeability score indicating the upgradability of the actions in SharePoint 2013 workflows.

Utilizing the Workflow Report and site information, tenant administrators can plan the migration of SharePoint 2013 workflows with minimal disruption to their users.


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