Microsoft 365 Top 5 Hidden features Every Admin Should Know
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Aug 9, 2023 9:30 AM

Microsoft 365 Top 5 Hidden features Every Admin Should Know

by HubSite 365 about Andy Malone [MVP]

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In this session I present a handful of tips and tricks that admins who manage Microsoft 365 simply must know.

Microsoft 365 offers numerous hidden features that are very beneficial for admins. These features, some of which are covert and others overt, are crucial and can have a significant impact. They range from simple tweaks, new characteristics to Microsoft Exchange, Teams, and Microsoft 365 groups components. The material is informative, promising audience not to skip it. More content can be found on, and Govern 365, our sponsor, offers excellent secure data rooms at

  • 00:00 for introductions
  • 02:00 for Microsoft 365 settings update
  • 08:40 for introduction to restricted admin units
  • 14:46 for Microsoft exchange online tips
  • 17:45 for Microsoft teams tips
  • 23:25 for guidance on avoiding Microsoft 365 group frustrations
  • 26:52 for a session review

Deep Dive into Microsoft 365 Hidden Features

Microsoft 365 is embedded with many unique yet hidden features that operate to streamline business operations efficiently. These features are secret weapons that every admin should know to optimize its use fully. They come in handy in Microsoft Exchange, Teams, and Microsoft 365 groups. Apart from being an office package, Microsoft 365 has set itself as an essential tool in modern business offering unrivaled features that are left to the knowledge of the user to discover and utilize them optimally.

Learn about Microsoft 365 Top 5 Hidden features Every Admin Should Know

In this session, admins who manage Microsoft 365 can learn about the top 5 hidden features that can make a real difference. From simple settings to new features to Microsoft Exchange, Teams and Microsoft 365 groups, admins can learn how to easily update settings, create restricted admin units, get tips on Microsoft Exchange Online, understand how to use Microsoft Teams, avoid Microsoft 365 group frustrations, and review the session. Visit for more information, and to learn about their secure data rooms.

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