Latest Microsoft 365 Updates: Must-Know Features 2023
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Nov 29, 2023 4:00 PM

Latest Microsoft 365 Updates: Must-Know Features 2023

by HubSite 365 about Andy Malone [MVP]

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Explore new Microsoft 365 features - Copilot, Purview updates, Intune enhancements & more revealed at #ESPC23!

Microsoft 365 – The NEW Stuff You Need to Know! Andy Malone [MVP] shares insights from #ESPC23 on the latest features and tools Microsoft has introduced. In a recent video session, he explores Copilot, the new Microsoft Purview portal, additional Intune capabilities, and several undercover features within Microsoft 365.

If you're keen on keeping your skills sharp, Andy insists this video is a must-watch. He delves into Copilot, which may be Microsoft's latest AI-powered productivity enhancer. Malone also examines the new iteration of Microsoft Purview, a suite designed for comprehensive data governance and risks management.

Priority Account Protection is also on his agenda, signifying improved security measures for crucial organizational accounts. These accounts often possess extensive permissions and access, thereby necessitating robust defense mechanisms. He further investigates the latest enhancements in Microsoft Intune, a tool that specializes in managing mobile devices and apps.

The video concludes with a summary of these discussions, encapsulating the primary observations, innovations, and trajectories for these Microsoft services. Unfortunately, the session's specific details and demonstrations are not described in the given text. Still, the context implies practical insights and real-world applications were likely provided.

  • Microsoft Copilot: Expected to be a new feature aimed at boosting productivity through AI.
  • Microsoft Purview TNG: Represents an updated suite for better data governance and compliance.
  • Priority Account Protection: Enhanced security for high-priority organizational accounts.
  • Microsoft Intune New Features: Advances in device management and security updates.
  • Session Conclusions: Summary of the important points and takeaways from the session.

Andy Malone concludes his session with heartfelt thanks to his audience and reminds them to follow his work for continuous learning and updates on the evolving Microsoft 365 landscape.

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