Meet the new Microsoft Planner
Nov 16, 2023 10:30 AM

Meet the new Microsoft Planner

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A unified experience bringing together to-dos, tasks, plans and projects

Meet the new Microsoft Planner, set to enhance collaboration and organization for teams by centralizing work across Microsoft 365 in one place. The integration of artificial intelligence stands out, as the new Copilot features in Planner aim to expedite task commencement and oversight. Ensuring that whether the need is for straightforward task management or more sophisticated project oversight, it serves as the definitive tool for coordination.


"We’re bringing together the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, the collaboration of Microsoft Planner, the power of Microsoft Project for the web and the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot into a simple, familiar experience. Discover a new way to manage tasks for individual plans and team initiatives, as well as larger scale project management, aligned to goals and key strategic objectives. "


Developed by Microsoft, Microsoft Planner is a part of the Office 365 suite and offers extensive task management capabilities that enhance teamwork and improve task tracking efficiency. This tool boasts several features, such as task organization, which allows users to create, assign, and schedule tasks and sort them into various categories representing stages or types of work.

To aid in collaborative efforts, Microsoft Planner offers communication tools allowing team interactions, file sharing, and collective work on assigned tasks, which helps maintain alignment among team members. It also provides visual dashboards, a feature that gives an overview of task progress, displaying it through charts and graphs that can be tailored to fit various monitoring needs.

The seamless integration of this task managing tool with Office 365 ensures a cohesive workflow across Microsoft services like Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. The app's accessibility via web and its mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices empower users to manage their duties from anywhere. Moreover, Planner ensures team members are up-to-date with automated notifications on assignments, deadlines, and other essential updates.

As a task management resource, Microsoft Planner is particularly supportive in project management contexts, where team collaboration and task progression tracking are essential. While it shares similarities with applications such as Trello and Asana, it offers distinct advantages for users already embedded within the Microsoft Office ecosystem.

Further Insights on Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner stands as a significant tool in streamlining project workflow and enhancing team productivity. Users can effortlessly collaborate on tasks, ensuring that each member is aligned with the project's goals and deadlines. Its AI-enhanced features signify a leap towards more intelligent task management, aiming to simplify the planning process and elevate efficiency. With its upcoming integration in Microsoft Teams, Planner is poised to become even more central to the Microsoft 365 experience, embedding its functionalities deeper within the daily operations of teams and organizations. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it an indispensable asset for project management, fostering an environment of seamless collaboration and continuous progress tracking.

Planner - Introducing the Latest Version of Microsoft Planner

Roadmap for new Planner

  • Spring 2024: The new Planner app in Teams will be generally available (the current Tasks by Planner and To Do app in Teams will be renamed to Planner). Microsoft Project for the web will be renamed to Planner.  
  • Later in 2024: The web experience of the new Planner will be generally available. The features you know and love in Microsoft Project for the web will be available in the new Planner app in Teams and the Planner web app. 

This announcement does not impact any existing user scenarios or functionality of Microsoft To Do apps.


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