AI Copilot Control Preview: A Quick Command Guide
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Dec 10, 2023 9:00 AM

AI Copilot Control Preview: A Quick Command Guide

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Explore AI Copilot Control on Model Driven Apps: Click Commands Unleash Interactive AI Features!

Today's demonstration is intended to showcase how to integrate "AI Copilot Control (Preview)" into a Model Driven App, particularly when a command or ribbon button is clicked. The author, Temmy Wahyu Raharjo, explores the possibility of user interaction with AI Copilot Control upon activating specific buttons in the app. Although the initial intention was to use a feature known as "Custom Page," it was found that at this stage, AI Copilot Control does not support it completely.

An attempt was made to employ the "Canvas Component Library," however, the author encountered limitations, leading to using a different implementation. During the setup, an error appeared despite following the necessary steps for a valid configuration. After addressing these hurdles, the focus shifts to the actual implementation process of the AI Copilot Control.

Temmy details working with specific tables, "Contact" and a custom table named "Car," which was generated with Copilot functions, including the creation of sample data. The author created a Canvas App that features one screen with two AI Copilot Controls and outlines the mandatory settings for operating the AI Copilot Control. Key to the operation is a code fragment that manages the visibility of the AI Copilot component based on parameters supplied when the app is launched.

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AI + Machine Learning - AI Copilot Control Preview: A Quick Command Guide


People also ask

How do I turn on Copilot preview?

Turning on Copilot preview typically involves accessing the settings within the software or service you are using. In the context of a DevOps tool, you might need to navigate to the feature flags section, preview features, or extensions marketplace, depending on the platform, to enable Copilot. Make sure you're following the specific instructions for your tool or service, as the steps may differ between products.

How do I enable Copilot in canvas app?

Enabling Copilot in a canvas app generally involves integrating the AI assistant into the app's development environment. This could potentially be done by adding the Copilot plugin or extension, if available, from the marketplace or plugin library of the development platform you’re using. After it's installed and enabled, you would typically see Copilot's features become available within the app's editing or development interface.

How do you use Copilot AI?

Using Copilot AI involves leveraging its functionalities to assist with coding, content creation, or other tasks it is designed for. In the scope of coding, for example, Copilot can suggest code snippets, complete lines of code, or even help in debugging. It operates by understanding the context of your work and providing recommendations or enhancements based on that context. You'd normally interact with it within your development environment or tooling, utilizing its suggestions to improve and expedite your workflow.


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