May 2023 Updates: Improvements and Features in SharePoint Roadmap
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Jun 1, 2023 7:00 PM

May 2023 Updates: Improvements and Features in SharePoint Roadmap

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Explore May 2023s SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop featuring new Microsoft 365 updates like Viva Connections dashboard, Syntex image tagger, and more.

SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: May 2023

This month brought a mix of “what shipped” and “what was disclosed.” May 2023 brought great new offerings to SharePoint and Microsoft 365, such as Customizable Viva Connections mobile dashboard, Syntex image tagger, Syntex prebuilt model for contracts, OneDrive: Simplified sharing, Loop components in Outlook Mobile, and more. Microsoft 365 Conference and Microsoft Build also featured public disclosures from Microsoft. These highlights are presented in the Intrazone SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: May 2023 podcast, which answers the question “What’s rolling out now for SharePoint and related technologies into Microsoft 365?”

Microsoft SharePoint roadmap pitstop May 2023

In May 2023, several new features and updates were released for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Here's a summary of the highlights:

  1. Viva Topics app in Teams: The Topics app, which allows users to review and manage topics they're connected to, search for new topics, and share knowledge, is now available as a "Microsoft-built" app in the app store. Users can easily add the app or have it pre-installed by Teams admins.

  2. Viva Connections dashboard customization for mobile: Users can now customize their Viva Connections mobile dashboard with the information most relevant to their work. Admins have the option to enable users to rearrange and hide dashboard cards.

  3. Microsoft Syntex image tagger: Syntex can now automatically tag images in SharePoint libraries with descriptive keywords using AI. These tags are stored in a managed metadata column, making the images easier to search, sort, filter, and manage.

  4. Microsoft Syntex prebuilt model for contracts: A prebuilt model for contract analysis and entity extraction is available in Syntex. Users can upload sample contracts to select the entities they wish to extract, and the model can be published to a document library to process contracts and generate metadata.

  5. OneDrive: Simplified sharing: The sharing control in OneDrive has been revamped to make sharing easier and more intuitive. The UI has been redesigned, and the copy link experience has been improved.

  6. Loop components in Outlook Mobile: Loop components, which are live, interactive, and collaborative objects, can now be embedded in emails in Outlook Mobile. Recipients can view and edit the components within the email, and changes made across supported apps are synced instantly.

In addition to these features, the Microsoft 365 Conference held in May 2023 featured announcements related to SharePoint and OneDrive. Some of the highlights from the conference include the introduction of Copilot in SharePoint, enhancements to the SharePoint start page, updates to Microsoft Stream for video integration, improvements to OneDrive's user interface, enhancements to Microsoft Lists for information collection, and advancements in content administration and security for SharePoint and OneDrive.

These features and updates began rolling out to Targeted Release customers in Microsoft 365 in May 2023, with the possibility of extending into early June 2023.


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