Boost Viva Sales: AI Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Optimization
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Sep 28, 2023 2:56 PM

Boost Viva Sales: AI Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Optimization

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Boost your sales with AI Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Sales Copilot—streamline customer engagement and automate processes.

Unleashing Potential to Maximize Viva Sales with AI-infused Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Adoption

Microsoft's recently introduced AI-powered capabilities for Viva Sales, now known as Microsoft Sales Copilot, represents an innovative leap in CRM and ERP platforms. Built in collaboration with Dynamics 365 Copilot, they've garnered remarkable user engagement since their introduction, demonstrating the potential of next-generation artificial intelligence functionalities within Microsoft Power Platform.

The recent debut of Microsoft 365 Copilot presents new opportunities to improve creativity, enhance productivity, and develop skills. Notably, sellers can take advantage of the seamless integration of Copilot across Microsoft 365 and Viva Sales - a robust synergy with AI-enhanced capabilities within Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Sales making it an ideal tool for better engagement with prospects and customers while streamlining mundane tasks.

As we transition into a new customer experience era, Microsoft is amping up efforts to equip salespeople with the necessary tools for intimate customer engagements. This emphasis is evident in several Copilot capabilities within Viva Sales designed to empower salespeople.

Pioneering Sales Automation with Viva Sales

Microsoft's Viva Sales is generally available and comes equipped with AI-generated email replies for a more efficient, productive, and effective salesforce. Salespersons can now generate custom responses built upon AI suggestions, enhancing the personalization and customization of communication with clients. Additionally, finer details, such as the data sources behind generated replies, provide valuable context and transparency, enriching the communication process.

Salespersons can refine AI-generated content by providing feedback, an initiative that aims to improve and adapt future replies to each seller's unique needs. Further, the addition of a meeting scheduling feature simplifies customer engagements by proposing meeting times according to the seller's calendar availability in Outlook. This new addition eases the meeting scheduling process by finding a mutual time that is suitable for everyone.

Efficiently Summarizing Meetings with Viva Sales

Viva Sales, with its Copilot technology, introduces a system that automatically summarizes meetings, making follow-up emails easier and more efficient. Leveraging existing conversation intelligence technology within Viva Sales, CRM data, and GPT copilot technology, the process only requires sellers to confirm the relevant meeting and receive an email recommendation referring to discussed topics and committed action items, enhanced with relevant data from the CRM. The process reduces screen-switching and minimizes email composition, enabling sellers to make minor edits within Outlook.

The key differentiation here is the seamless meeting recap functionality within Microsoft Teams, focused on CRM data enrichment and maintaining the tone of customer conversations from the seller's inbox.

With a monthly release cycle, Viva Sales looks set to bring more innovative, seller-centric features in the coming months. For further details about Viva Sales and AI capabilities, please follow our detailed guide here.

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AI + Machine Learning - Boost Viva Sales: AI Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Optimization

Learn about Maximizing Viva Sales with AI Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Adoption

The advent of AI in sales has considerably transformed Microsoft's Viva Sales. The feature christened as Viva Sales Copilot, has recently been introduced with updated sales scenarios. It is vital to delve deep into the subject to make the most of it in the new age customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Copilot, the first AI Copilot in CRM platforms, and finance applications ERP, has already shown promising results with thousands of customers making use of its next-gen AI capabilities. Add to this the Microsoft Power Platform, and you have an unbeatable combination at your disposal.

Viva Sales (a.k.a Microsoft Sales Copilot) is being seen as the go-to tool for sales teams to engage prospects, customers and manage their time better. This has opened more avenues for the sellers to focus on deeper customer engagements rather than composing every email from scratch.

Key features to try in Viva Sales

Viva Sales has impressive features to make sellers more efficient and productive. Key among them include, the AI-generated email replies feature now being generally available.

  • Generate replies with proposed meeting times: This feature will allow sellers to generate email replies according to their calendar availability in Outlook. This simplifies the process of finding mutually convenient meeting time slots.
  • Build upon generated replies: It also allows sellers to modify the generated reply, thus finely tuning their email responses according to their individual needs.
  • Understand data sources behind generated replies: A feature that allows sellers to understand the data sources behind generated replies. This provides valuable context and transparency of the embedded information.
  • Feedback for improvement: Lastly, a feedback mechanism allows sellers to rate the AI-generated content. This will help in refining future replies in accordance with the unique needs of each seller.

The Meeting Summarization feature in Viva Sales simplifies the process of documenting and following up after meetings with clear, relevant action items. By making use of Copilot in Viva Sales, sellers can now prepare these summaries effortlessly. The recommendations combine insights from the meeting and data from the CRM, thus making the process of creating meaningful meeting summaries quite straightforward.

This feature easily integrates with Microsoft Teams to create a seamless operation process. The sellers can make minor edits, all from within Outlook. They can also watch the Copilot in Viva Sales demo for better understanding.

Going forward, with a monthly release cycle, Viva Sales promises to deliver innovative features that enhance the selling process. Watch this space for more updates on the exciting capabilities of Viva Sales.

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