March 2024: Latest Power Automate Desktop Update
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Mar 18, 2024 3:10 PM

March 2024: Latest Power Automate Desktop Update

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Unlock New Features in Power Automate Desktop March 2024 Update.

Key insights



  • New functionalities for Power Fx enabled desktop flows, a new Excel action, and more have been introduced in the March 2024 update of Power Automate for desktop.

  • A revamped variable picker with filtering and sorting capabilities, along with a new function picker for Power Fx enabled desktop flows, are now available to provide a more intuitive selection process.

  • Power Fx enabled desktop flows now feature IntelliSense capabilities, including syntax colorization, real-time suggestions, and autocomplete functionality.

  • Cloud-initiated runs of desktop flows support minimum execution logs, enhancing the tracking and diagnosis of automated processes.

  • The introduction of a new Excel action named ‘Clear cells in Excel worksheet’, allowing users to clear specified cell ranges easily.

Overview of the March 2024 Power Automate for Desktop Update

The March 2024 update introduces new functionalities for desktop flows, including a new Excel action and more. This version 2.42 release is now available for download.

Key updates feature a revamped variable picker and a new function picker, enhancing user interface and experience. These pickers allow more intuitive selection and overview of variables and Power Fx functions.

Desktop flows enhanced with Power Fx now benefit from IntelliSense capabilities, offering syntax colorization and real-time suggestions. Cloud-initiated runs and a new action to clear cells in Excel worksheets are also part of this update.

Users are encouraged to explore these updates and provide feedback in the Power Automate Community. Resources available include documentation and a free trial to get started with Power Automate Desktop.

  • A revamped variable picker and function picker enhances usability.
  • IntelliSense for Power Fx flows improves coding efficiency.
  • New Excel action to clear cells introduced.
  • Cloud-initiated runs now support minimum execution logs.
  • Feedback and further learning supported by the community and documentation.



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People also ask

Is there a desktop version of Power Automate?

Power Automate for desktop is indeed available, serving as the software that allows users to create, modify, and execute flows on their desktops. The machine-runtime application enhances its functionality by integrating your device with the Power Automate cloud, thereby unlocking the capabilities of robotic process automation (RPA) to its fullest.

How do I update my Power Automate desktop?

To manually initiate an update for Power Automate Desktop, navigate through the process designated for updating the application.

What is new in Power Automate desktop?

The recent updates in Power Automate for desktop include support for blank values, a feature complementing the pre-existing support for empty text strings. Additionally, there's now an option to label input variables as optional. This functionality is enabled through a new toggle parameter labeled 'Mark as optional', which permits the assignment of blank values to these variables.

Does Windows 11 come with Power Automate desktop?

Power Automate Desktop is indeed available at no additional cost for users of Windows 10 and Windows 11. While there is a premium paid license offering further functionalities, the basic version is complimentary, lacking any expiration or trial restrictions.



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