March 2023 Power Apps: Discover Latest Features Update
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Sep 29, 2023 8:12 AM

March 2023 Power Apps: Discover Latest Features Update

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Explore new features and enhancements in the latest March 2023 Power Apps update- Copilot for Power Apps, Modern Controls, and more!

In our latest round-up, we are excited to share some of the latest updates and enhancements from the world of Power Apps, as announced by Microsoft in their March 2023 blog post. A bevy of new and eagerly awaited features are now available, including Copilot for Power Apps, Modern Controls, and more!

Microsoft is taking strides to improve and streamline the platform with updates in areas of Trust, Maker productivity, and End User productivity. Also, they have rolled out new video and documentation content to aid the adoption and optimization of Power Apps within organizations. Here are the highlights from this month's update:

Under the realm of "Trust", Microsoft is currently rolling out the Public Preview of the Customer-managed encryption key feature which allows customers to manage their own encryption keys, thereby providing enhanced data protection control. Moreover, they've announced the General Availability of creating custom security roles for more model-driven apps to meet the increased demand.

Noteworthy updates in the area of Maker productivity include the introduction of Copilot for Power Apps, making Dataverse available for all makers, design innovation of actionable, data-driven cards in Teams, and an experimental Power Fx formula bar in studio. Additionally, the announcement for OData v2.0 Service removal date is worth noting.

Moving on to End User productivity, the Copilot feature for Power Apps equips the app makers to offer their users intelligent insights about their data through a conversational chat experience. Modern controls have been introduced in canvas apps which are based on Microsoft’s own Fluent design system. Also, users can now easily and automatically send actionable, data-driven cards in Teams.

Several other exciting updates include - Power BI quick reports in Power Apps, the improved barcode reader control, the Tenant switcher in mobile apps, and the exciting capability to transform a Power Apps app into a native mobile app with wrap for the Power Apps wizard.

General Insights

From these updates, it is clear that Microsoft continues to revolutionize application development with Power Apps by making it more user-friendly, efficient, and secure – thus empowering businesses to do more with less. By offering advanced security features like customer-managed encryption keys and integrating AI technology into application development, businesses can securely scale low-code adoption and infuse AI and automation into their processes. With the introduction of these new features and enhancements, there is no better time than now to optimize your usage of Power Apps and accelerate your business productivity!

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Power Apps - March 2023 Power Apps: Discover Latest Features Update

Learn about March 2023 Power Apps Update: Explore New Features & Enhancements

<p>The text draws attention to the key feature updates and enhancements in Microsoft's Power Apps as of March 2023. It provides a comprehensive walkthrough of updates across different domains - Trust, Maker and End User Productivity, each equipped with new offerings to optimize workflows. For those interested in learning more about these topics, various courses are available online that can help deepen your understanding of Power Apps and their functionalities. Let's explore them in detail.</p> <p><b>Trust</b></p> <ul> <li>Microsoft's Power Apps is now equipped with more robust and secure encryption practices, and you can master them through courses like 'Data Security and Encryption on Microsoft Azure' on Udacity.</li> <li>For those interested in understanding app security roles better, 'Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals' on Coursera elucidates how to build and manage Apps using Power Apps, including security management.</li> </ul> <p><b>Maker Productivity</b></p> <ul> <li>The presence of AI in application development through Copilot can be best understood through 'AI For Everyone' by Andrew Ng on Coursera. It provides a non-technical introduction to AI.</li> <li>Dataverse has become more accessible with the presence of a 'Developer Environment' feature. The 'Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer' learning track on Microsoft's official site is a treasure trove of knowledge for understanding Dataverse.</li> <li>The concept of formula bars in Power Apps can be comprehended through 'Excel Power Up: Power Query functions & formulas' on Udemy.</li> </ul> <p><b>End User Productivity</b></p> <ul> <li>The 'Microsoft Power Apps: Getting Started 'course on LinkedIn Learning throws light on the copilot control in Power Apps that facilitates data insights through simple chat conversations.</li> <li>For understanding the involvement of Power BI in Power Apps, 'Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI' by EdX is a useful tool.</li> <li>Using devices for barcode scanning is an interactive feature. 'Android : Build Barcode Reader App with Mobile Vision API' on Udemy, though not directly related, can serve as a primer.</li> </ul> <p>Most of these courses do not require advanced knowledge and are suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. They offer a mix of hands-on projects, quizzes, and video lectures that should help learners grasp these new features at their own pace and convenience. At the end of these courses, ideally, you should be able to leverage these features to optimize your workflow.</p> <p>You must remember that Power Apps, Dataverse, and AI concepts are vast. Therefore, it's best to be patient and give yourself enough time to learn each concept thoroughly. Apart from courses, you can also read blogs, join online forums, and participate in discussions to understand the practical applications of these features better.</p> <p>Remember, to acquire mastery over these features, the mantra is practice. Applying these concepts practically will not only solidify your understanding but also make you comfortable with these features.</p>

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