Explore Latest Updates in Microsoft 365 Developer Program
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Apr 14, 2024 4:24 PM

Explore Latest Updates in Microsoft 365 Developer Program

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Key insights


  • Significant changes to the M365 Developer Program now require a Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription for new sign-ups or renewals.

  • Options for learners include purchasing a license or accessing a very limited time trial.

  • For an Intune trial, it is crucial to review terms and disable recurring billing manually to avoid charges.

  • Access to the Microsoft 365 developer subscription is now limited to those with an active Visual Studio Enterprise subscription or members of certain Microsoft Partner programs.

  • The Developer Program offers a Microsoft 365 E5 subscription, sandbox environments, and a developer toolset, with recent updates enhancing service plans and imposing geographical limitations.

Exploring the Evolving Landscape of the Microsoft 365 Developer Program

The Microsoft 365 Developer Program has seen significant changes recently, impacting how developers and learners access the platform. These changes are particularly notable for those interested in Microsoft 365 or Intune courses, with options now more limited. For instance, obtaining a trial requires careful attention to the conditions, especially regarding recurring billing. As of February 2024, access is primarily restricted to individuals or organizations holding an active Visual Studio Enterprise subscription or those part of certain Microsoft partner programs. Despite these challenges, the program continues to be a valuable resource, offering a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription that includes service plans, access to sandbox environments, and a comprehensive toolset for developers. Updates to the program, as part of the Microsoft Secure Future initiative, promise improvements in service plans, the introduction of geographical limits, and more frequent renewal checks to ensure compliance with the terms of use. For developers keen on shaping the future of Microsoft 365, joining the newly formed research panel offers a chance to influence program development directly. These changes and opportunities underline Microsoft's commitment to securing a future where developers have the tools and support needed to innovate on their platform.


New updates to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program have been introduced, significantly impacting learners' access to the platform. The program, now requiring a Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription for new or renewing members, has narrowed the pathway for individuals eager to explore or continue their journey with Microsoft 365 technologies. This development has presented challenges for the Microsoft Learn community, offering two main alternatives: purchasing a license or navigating a very limited trial option.

Dean Ellerby, a respected MVP, has shared an insightful video guiding viewers through the process of signing up for an Intune trial using Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 products. He emphasizes the importance of carefully reviewing terms and conditions, particularly the recurring billing settings to avoid unexpected charges post-trial. This practical advice is aimed at helping learners continue their education amidst the new program restrictions.

As of February 2024, access to the Microsoft 365 developer subscription has been restricted to developers or organizations with active Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions. This move is part of the broader Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program initiative. However, several groups, including ISV Success, Solutions Partner, and others, can gain access through an allow list. Those outside these categories can opt for a single license Microsoft 365 plan or add a Copilot license for development purposes.

The Microsoft 365 Developer Program continues to be a valuable resource for developers focusing on the Microsoft 365 platform, offering extensive tools, sandbox environments, and the chance to contribute feedback. Recent updates under the Microsoft Secure Future initiative have introduced service plan expansions, geographic accessibility adjustments, and more stringent renewal checks. These changes are designed to enhance security and service quality for all members.

Significant enhancements include the withdrawal of the Microsoft Office 365 E3 Developer offer, urging members to upgrade to a new paid plan by April 1, 2024. The program also transitions to a preview mode, providing early access to updates and new features for testing and feedback. These measures aim to prevent disruptions and align with the Secure Future Initiative's goals for improved security and service advancement.

Finally, the introduction of the Microsoft 365 developer research panel offers an interactive platform for developers to influence future program developments. By joining, developers can share challenges, review prototypes, and contribute to the program's improvement. This initiative underscores the program's commitment to community engagement and collaborative growth.


Microsoft 365 Dev - Explore Latest Updates in Microsoft 365 Developer Program


People also ask

What is the Microsoft 365 developer program?

The Microsoft 365 Developer Program serves as a comprehensive resource for developers aiming to create solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform. For eligible members, the program provides a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription.

Does Microsoft 365 developer program expire?

Your Microsoft 365 developer program subscription is valid for a period of up to 90 days, depending on the nature of your development activity, and is subject to renewal based on qualified developer activities. Continuous development use ensures regular renewal.

Is Microsoft 365 developer program free for lifetime?

Upon joining the developer program directly, you are granted a Microsoft 365 E5 developer sandbox subscription, which is valid for a period of up to 90 days. This duration varies depending on your development activities but is renewed regularly as long as it is utilized for qualified development purposes.

How do I see installed Office 365 updates?

To access the Software updates page, you must log into the Microsoft 365 admin center using your admin account. Navigate to Show all > Health > Software updates to view the information.



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