Microsoft Intune for macOS Management
Nov 8, 2023 9:00 AM

Microsoft Intune for macOS Management

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Master macOS management with Microsoft Intune- Experience efficient deployment, single sign-on, intuitive settings, app support, & DDM.

Revolutionizing MacOS Management with Microsoft Intune

The Microsoft Intune platform now provides native controls, offering a streamlined solution for managing macOS devices akin to the experience of handling Windows PCs. This new approach eliminates the need for third-party integrations and extensions, reducing complexity and overhead while enhancing security. This is a significant step towards achieving Zero Trust goals.


Microsoft Intune now has built-in native controls so you can manage your Macs
similar to how you manage Windows PCs across the device lifecycle, without third
party integrations or extensions. This decreases complexity and overhead and
increases security, to help achieve your Zero Trust goals. Jeremy Chapman,
Director of Microsoft 365, walks through the highlights:
  • • Automated device enrollment
  • • Microsoft Entra ID based single sign-on experience
  • • Extended configuration management controls
  • • Support for common DMG and PKG app package types
  • • Declarative Device Management (DDM) for updates
  • • Upcoming capabilities like Remote Help for macOS within the Intune Suite
  • 00:00 - Manage your Macs similar to Windows PCs
  • 01:12 - Admin configurations: Device Enrollment
  • 03:16 - User experience for setup
  • 05:50 - Device configuration for admins
  • 07:13 - Declarative Device Management (DDM)
  • 07:50 - Security settings
  • 08:35 - Distribute and install DMG and PKG app packages
  • 10:23 - Remote Help for macOS coming soon
  • 10:54 - Wrap up

This video by Jeremy Chapman, Director of Microsoft 365, walks us through the many highlights of this platform. Notable features include automated device enrollment, single sign-on experience through Microsoft Entra ID, extended configuration management controls, and support for common DMG and PKG app package types. The platform also introduces Declarative Device Management (DDM) for updates and teases an upcoming feature: Remote Help for macOS within the Intune Suite.


Over the past several months, the experience of Mac management with Intune has been completely transformed, with new, game-changing features coming early next year. In their endeavor to provide an all-encompassing solution, Microsoft Intune collaborates closely with Apple and values customer feedback. The result is a comprehensive management solution that caters to many enterprises' unique needs.

Keen on simplifying operations, Microsoft Intune takes several steps to achieve better efficiency. An example would be having a single tool handle data protection, updating apps, and managing security settings, thus avoiding the hassle of task-switching.

General Analysis

Microsoft Intune aims to bring operational efficiency and enhance secure productivity while catering to both admins and end users. This platform places user-centric features and admin-centric ones on equal footing. Intune now gets day zero settings catalog updates, allowing new macOS configuration to be defined efficiently. This, along with several other features, has been developed to simplify the process of setting up and working securely with a Mac in the enterprise environment.

With an influx of new capabilities, the Intune Suite, along with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Entra, and Microsoft Defender security offerings, the opportunity to consolidate to a single solution is promising for all enterprises.

While it's revolutionizing the management scene for macOS devices, Microsoft Intune continues to keep an open dialogue with their users to receive feedback and better their service.


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Intune - Microsoft Intune for macOS Management: Deployment & SSO

Learn about macOS management with Microsoft Intune | Deployment, single sign-on, settings, apps & DDM


Managing macOS systems have been revolutionized by Microsoft's Endpoint Management Service, known as Intune, which in this context can be referred to as the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution. The management tool operates with built-in native controls and no longer needs third-party establishments or expansion. The result is a stronger emphasis on security, achieving Zero Trust goals through a less complex and overhead system.

To dive further into its features, the platform provides:
• An automatic device registration process.
• An Entra ID-based single sign-on experience.
• Extensions of configuration management controls.
• Support for common DMG and PKG app package types.
• Declarative Device Management (DDM) for updates
• Anticipated capabilities, including Remote Help for macOS within the platform suite.

Throughout the years, the relationship between Microsoft's management service and Apple paved the way for a transformative platform for Mac management. New features are being introduced to drive more enhanced results. An acknowledgment from the Associate Director, Jeffrey Ward, validates the service’s efficacy. Following a positive experience, the choice to cut off ties with the legacy macOS MDM came easy. Improved functionality with the platform leads to better outcomes overall.

By choosing Microsoft’s solution (mentioned twice now), businesses can expect tool consolidation and simplified operations.
• The process reduces the mental tax on focus and productivity imposed by task-switching.
• It relieves the burden of collating and translating data from multiple sources for complete visibility over your estate.
• It also simplifies endpoint management.

Apart from these, the platform provides various functions to facilitate secure and efficient device management. These include enabling data protection, deploying and updating apps, configuring security settings, managing access policies, and ensuring compliance on device health, properties, and security settings. All of these can enhance secure productivity.

In terms of user-centric features, Microsoft Endpoint Management System (the second alternative keyword) streamlines the setting up and secure usage of a Mac in a corporate environment. SSO reduces password fatigue, simplifies device setup, and pre-configures user accounts in Office apps. It also ensures accessibility to company resources and projected user features for the software (the third alternative keyword).

Administrators can also expect comprehensive management with functionalities such as configuring SSO with a simple user interface, binding secrets using platform hardware to improve the security, and carrying out remote actions for device control. The expected Microsoft Cloud public key infrastructure (PKI) will also be introduced to include certificate lifecycle management.

Aside from functionality, the effectiveness of using Microsoft UEM Solution can have a real impact on budgets and time-saving strategies. It provides a compelling case for retiring on-premises solutions to consolidate to a single solution, thus reducing the expenses and time spent managing multiple vendor relationships.

For a more detailed explanation, resources such as the Microsoft Mechanics reveal these features in action. Online guides are available on Microsoft’s website via They also have a community dedicated to Mac admins at where you can share feedback to help improve the platform.


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