Top 5 Solutions for Intune App Deployment
Sep 27, 2023 6:00 PM

Top 5 Solutions for Intune App Deployment

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Explore 5 key solutions for Intune App Deployment from a seasoned Microsoft expert

In a recent YouTube video, Microsoft MVP Dean Ellerby explores a hot topic in the world of IT admin - Intune App Deployment. He highlights the value of acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the variety of apps and solutions at an admin's disposal for the process of packaging, deploying and managing Intune Apps. The focus of this video is a run-through of five effective solutions deemed worth considering by Ellerby.

Five Solutions for Intune App Deployment:

  • Acknowledging the significance of properly packaging Intune Apps.
  • Understanding the various mechanisms of deploying these packages.
  • Exploring the multiple available solutions for managing deployed Apps, ensuring they function optimally.
  • Emphasizing the importance of considering different solutions in line with your unique needs.
  • Inviting viewers to extend the conversation, sharing their preferences or experiences with the mentioned solutions.

In-Depth Focus on the Main Topic:

The Intune App Deployment stands as a crucial aspect of the Microsoft domain today. The role of an Intune admin is focused not just on deploying apps, but packaging and managing them as well - all critical components in the realm of IT. What Dean's video does is break down this complex topic into digestible segments, exploring five solutions that promise to make the administrators' tasks more efficient and less daunting. Whether you are new to Intune administration or a seasoned veteran seeking to broaden your knowledge, this video serves as a vital resource to gain insight on effective strategies and solutions for Intune App Deployment.


Learn about Looking at Intune App Deployment? Here's 5 solutions to consider!

In this YouTube video, the speaker delves into the realm of Intune App Deployment strategies from a Microsoft Intune admin perspective. He highlights the significance of comprehending the array of applications and solutions explicitly designed to package, deploy, and manage Intune Apps to optimize their tech infrastructure better.

  • Throughout this video, the speaker suggests five significant solutions that Intune admins should contemplate for practical and efficient application deployment.

  • Whether you're an experienced admin or just getting started, these solutions offer insight into improving processes of packaging, deployment, and application management through Microsoft Intune.

  • The speaker encourages viewers to share their insights on the discussed solutions or contribute more information based on their experiences.

The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to share their thoughts and queries related to the presented solutions, expressing openness to providing more data on any of them as demanded by the viewers. This interactive approach amplifies learning and comprehension for all Intune admins and users.

To delve deeper into these topics, interested individuals can explore:

  • Microsoft’s official courses and certifications on managing apps and data with Microsoft Intune, and measure their understanding by attempting Intune Admin quizzes online.

  • Forums and communities, such as Microsoft Tech Community and Microsoft Learning Community, where one can interact with industry veterans and peers, share insights, ask questions, and stay updated with the latest advancements in Intune App management.

  • Educational blogs, whitepapers, e-books, webinars, and conferences centered around Microsoft Intune and App Deployment can supplement theoretical and practical knowledge. Additionally, exploring case-studies can provide insights into implementing these solutions in different scenarios.


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