New Action Submission Feature in Logic Apps now Available
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Oct 19, 2023 8:00 PM

New Action Submission Feature in Logic Apps now Available

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Enhance your Microsoft Azure functionalities. Learn how to manage and monitor Azure Logic Apps for optimized business workflow efficiency.

Reza Dorran, posted an update regarding Microsoft's automation suite Logic Apps (not in  PowerAutomate a this Time).

He mentioned the incorporation of a new feature in Logic Apps “Submit from this action” The key takeaway from the video is that Microsoft's Logic Apps now support direct submission in actions, and this feature will significantly simplify task automation for developers

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Power Automate - Action Submissions Now Available in Logic Apps


Understanding the dynamics of Azure Logic Apps is vital for leveraging the cloud to its fullest extent. They offer flexible, scalable modern technology that empowers organizations to automate and simplify business operations. This article will explore Azure Logic Apps to help you understand these powerful tools and provide information for those interested in learning how to use them effectively.

Azure's Logic Apps is a platform offered as a cloud service that focuses on defining workflows in an easy manner. These workflows utilize Logic App connectors to execute sequences of actions when a trigger is fired.

There are alternatives for defining business workflows, such as Microsoft Flow, a Software as a Service offering from Microsoft Azure. Though Microsoft Flow can define workflows for free, it does come with limitations which may affect your workflows, whereas Azure Logic Apps offer much more extensive services and integrations.

Another alternative is Azure Durable Functions, a Platform as a Service, which allows users to define code to be executed on specific triggers. Azure Durable Functions require more code-writing and time investment in comparison to Azure Logic Apps that offer predefined APIs readily available as connectors for workflows.

Azure Logic Apps harbor several key components for their operation. The primary elements include workflows, triggers, actions, connectors, and more. Workflows are sequences of actions or processes designed in steps that execute business operations when a trigger fires. Triggers initiate the Azure Logic App workflow whenever an event that meets the trigger condition occurs.

The full power of Azure Logic Apps is apparent when working with various metrics provided by Azure. These metrics give a detailed account of data about the operations of your Azure Logic Apps. Action Metrics relate to the Actions in the Logic App workflow, while Run Metrics relate to the runs of the workflow, and Trigger Metrics pertain to the triggers of the workflow.

Azure Logic Apps Pricing is based on executions of triggers, actions, and connectors, while for Integration Service Environment (ISE), the pricing is based on base and scale units. For Integration account with B2B scenarios, the Azure Logic Apps' pricing varies based on tiers.

Logic Apps' benefits are multifold, including a user-friendly workflow definition, extensive support for Enterprise applications, effortless debugging, automatic workflow execution, and integration with on-premise solutions. Azure Logic Apps is also enriched with Integration Account for Enterprise Integration and B2B solutions.

To manage and effectively monitor Azure Logic Apps, third-party services like Serverless360 and Azure Monitor can be utilized to monitor the execution, performance, and reliability of the Azure Logic Apps. Serverless360 offers multiple alert management under a single alert, and insights gained by Log Analytics can also be seen through the Serverless360 platform.

In summary, Azure Logic Apps are powerful cloud-based tools that offer a range of features and capabilities for automating and simplifying business operations. With their easy-to-use workflows and integration capabilities, they are a valuable asset for any enterprise looking to leverage the benefits of cloud technology.


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