Logging in Custom Connector Code
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Aug 21, 2023 10:00 AM

Logging in Custom Connector Code

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a new feature that addresses a common challenge faced by both Citizen Developers and Pro Developers.


Michael introduces a new feature that addresses challenges faced by both Citizen Developers and Pro Developers when creating custom connectors. Beyond basic tasks, the main hurdle lies in coding within these connectors. Debugging these custom connectors was notably challenging, but Michael presents the solution: implementing logging within the custom connector code.

More details are available on Microsoft Docs.

Custom Connector Example

Michael provides a brief example of a custom connector using the Swagger 2.0 definition, which returns the message: "Hello World."

Code Logs

A novel feature titled “Code Logs” is introduced. It allows developers to add logs to their custom connector code, offering a transparent way to inspect what's happening within the connector during its operations.


Logging in custom connector code is now supported, representing a significant enhancement. This new feature allows developers to handle intricate tasks within their custom connector code, using logs as a tool for effective troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Diving Deeper into Custom Connector Coding

Custom connector coding offers a unique opportunity for developers to extend the capabilities of their applications. This feature provides a unique way to set up requests, responses, or authentication in a more customized manner. Coding within these connectors comes with its challenges but also opens a world of possibilities.

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Learn about Logging in Custom Connector Code


Custom connectors are a feature of Microsoft that allow users to customize requests, responses, and authentication. When coding within a custom connector, developers need to be aware of the different tasks that can be completed and the challenges they may face. Microsoft Docs provides resources for developers to learn how to write code in their custom connectors. Additionally, developers should understand the process of logging in custom connector code, as well as the importance of doing this correctly.


Logging in custom connector code can help developers debug issues, pinpoint errors, and track the performance of their custom connectors. It is essential for developers to understand the process of logging in custom connector code, including the different ways it can be done and the benefits it can provide. Furthermore, developers should ensure that their connector code is secure and that they adhere to best practices when logging in custom connector code.


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