Optimize Security: Limit Local Admins on Entra Devices
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Apr 5, 2024 6:32 AM

Optimize Security: Limit Local Admins on Entra Devices

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Maximize security: Master how to limit admin rights on Entra joined devices!

Key insights


  • Limit local administrators on Microsoft Entra joined devices to enhance security.
  • Set the Global Administrator role addition to local administrator during Microsoft Entra join to No.
  • Use PowerShell to modify Global Administrator local admin membership policy.
  • Allow fine-grained control over local admin group membership during device registration.
  • Test local administrators' restrictions post-setup to ensure proper configuration.

Enhancing Device Security with Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra plays a crucial role in the security and administration of device management. The platform allows IT administrators to limit the number of local administrators on devices joined to Microsoft Entra, ensuring a higher level of security. One pivotal setting prevents global administrators from being automatically added to the local administrators group during device setup, which should be configured to 'No' for enhanced security. PowerShell scripts offer a valuable tool for IT professionals to modify these settings and implement fine-grained control over who gets administrative privileges.

By carefully managing these settings and rigorously testing them, organizations can ensure that only the necessary personnel have elevated rights, thus maintaining a secure IT environment. The precautions taken in setting up these parameters play a significant role in protecting against unauthorized access and potential security breaches.


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