Optimizing Power Apps Canvas: Advanced Component Properties by Microsoft Expert
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Sep 4, 2023 7:00 AM

Optimizing Power Apps Canvas: Advanced Component Properties by Microsoft Expert

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Microsoft expert demonstrates use of enhanced component properties for Power Apps Canvas optimization in developer-focused demo.

In this developer-focused demo, Nicolo tells us how to use enhanced component properties to improve Power Apps Canvas. He does a quick tour of a minimal API setup and shows how to expose this API through a custom connector to Power Platform. He then shows us how to activate enhanced properties in the canvas app and explains how the new function, action, and event (previously behavior) property types function. This demo was part of the Power Platform Monthly Community call on 20th July 2023. The presenter, Nicolò Ferranti of Avanade, shares new updates to experimental enhanced component properties.

The aim of these updates is to clarify concepts with concise features and restrictions. Properties can still be input or output properties, and you can still define arguments, however, they are now distinct types of properties. Data properties give data that enters (input) or leaves (output) your component. Function properties can accept arguments, like functions, and give a result. At present, functions cannot carry data and must be pure, but this is something that may be reconsidered in the future. Events (input) and actions (output) can change your app's state, like updating a variable or manipulating a data source.

  • Custom property pane shows different property types.
  • Behavioral properties, previously restricted to input - implying the app consuming it determines the behavior.
  • Behavior properties are now known as Events, and Actions have been introduced as output behavior properties.
  • Despite the UX changes, the foundational mechanisms remain unchanged.
  • In addition to the updates to the experimental enhanced properties, changes have been made to the existing components feature to support SetFocus() and Select().
  • The team will not add more features at this point, but will work towards pushing these features towards a generally available state.

Dive Deeper into Enhanced Component Properties

Enhanced component properties offer a significant upgrade to the Power Apps Canvas, with a focus on improved functionality and clearer concepts. Function properties, action properties, and event properties have distinct roles and capabilities, enhancing the productivity of Power Apps Canvas. Key updates such as custom property pane and behavioral properties help you customize your component and control how it interacts with the app. Future plans aim to push these features into a generally available state.

Learn about Level up your Power Apps Canvas with Enhanced component properties

In the provided text, the main topic revolves around the enhancement of Power Apps Canvas. The speaker, Nicolò Ferranti, demonstrates how to utilize the enhanced component properties in the development of superior canvas apps. He exhibits a simplified API setup and broadcasting this API through a custom connector to the Power Platform. He also goes into how to enable these enhanced properties in the canvas app and provide an understanding of the new function, action, and event (formerly known as behavior) property types.

There is also an introduction of the updates to experimental enhanced component properties, which are part of a finalization effort for the feature for public preview. The update seeks to offer more distinct, clear concepts with concise features and limitations, and introduces different property types such as data properties, function properties, and behavior properties. It also includes a change in the UX and the renaming of behavior properties, while ensuring the underlying mechanisms remain the same.


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