Guide to Sign Up for Power BI Without a Work Email
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Sep 28, 2023 12:30 AM

Guide to Sign Up for Power BI Without a Work Email

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Discover how to fix signing up for Power BI with a personal email via Microsoft 365 Developer account step-by-step tutorial.

This video by 'Guy in a Cube' discusses how to use Microsoft's Power BI without a work email. The video targets viewers who have had difficulty signing in to Power BI because it requires a work or school email. The solution lies in creating a Microsoft 365 Developer account.

This account offers an email that can be used continuously for Power BI without needing a work or school email. The video provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use Power BI without a work email, right from the process of signing onto the Microsoft 365 Developer Account page, to entering the necessary personal details and preferred settings.

The walkthrough also explains the selection of a 'configurable sandbox' because it is highly customizable. Inputting a desired username and password, creating a domain, and entering a phone number for verification are amongst the many steps detailed.

After setup, the video concludes by explaining the advantages of having an email through the Microsoft 365 Developer account, like using nearly all Microsoft 365 services. The license that comes with the account enables usage of Power BI Pro features and even Microsoft Office (365) applications, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Breaking Down the Microsoft 365 Developer Account

Diving deeper into the essence of the video, it highlights the potential of the Microsoft 365 Developer Account. This account is not only a gateway to Power BI without an institutional email but a broader range of services.

The Microsoft 365 Developer Account is a resource enabling developers to experiment, build or demo solutions. It’s especially practical for users seeking a sandbox environment to develop or test solutions in Power BI.

Furthermore, the Developer Account provides numerous customization features, reinforcing its appeal to a wider user base. By providing users with the autonomy to configure applications according to their needs, Microsoft ensures software solutions that cater to various individual and business needs.

Equipped with a Microsoft 365 Developer Account, users gain access to Power BI Pro's features and other Microsoft Office applications, represent a cost-effective means of efficiently managing and analysing data, and performing a multitude of other office tasks.

Learn about Let's fix signing up for Power BI without a work email

The accompanying video offers a comprehensive guide on how one can sign up on Power BI without utilizing a work email. Typically, Power BI does not accept personal emails for sign-ups, but with the steps outlined in the video, anyone can bypass this challenge. This approach requires the creation of a Microsoft 365 Developer account, which generates an email that you can thereafter use for Power BI.

The process for doing this includes going to the Microsoft 365 Developer Account page and hitting the 'Join Now' button. You enter your personal email address and password, filling in other required details to sign in. Select your country, type in a company name (could be any name), select your preferred language, and accept the T&Cs.

  • In the next section titled 'Primary Focus,' select 'Personal Projects' and click next.
  • In the dialog box titled 'areas of Microsoft 365,' select all the options and click 'Save'.
  • Under 'Microsoft 365 E5 sandbox', select 'Configurable sandbox'. This choice is preferable as it offers more customization options.
  • Provide information for your sandbox: preferred username, potential company name under 'create a domain', and a strong password.

This process creates an email you can use for Power BI without a Work or School Email.

To delve deeper into this topic, you could explore Power BI and Microsoft 365 tutorials and online classes, especially those dealing with creating developer accounts or using personal accounts on work-based platforms.

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