Learn Viva Amplify - Getting Started
Viva Amplify
Oct 16, 2023 11:00 AM

Learn Viva Amplify - Getting Started

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Experience seamless communication management with Microsoft Viva Amplify. Learn setup, licensing, admin roles and campaign settings in simple steps.

Viva Amplify: A Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft's latest tool, Viva Amplify, is covered in a recent YouTube video by Darrell Webster Modern Work Mentor. The video unfolds with the description of Viva Amplify, an application to produce and manage communication across various distribution avenues within an organization. In the maiden lesson of a short course, the video gives an overview of the required licenses, application location, and course coverage.

Viva Amplify centralizes everything - from campaign management to publishing, to reporting. It offers corporate communicators an opportunity to meaningfully engage with every employee. By utilizing multi-channel publishing, messages can reach employees across platforms like Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint. Users can create and manage organization-wide campaigns from one place, with the objective of informing, creating alignment, and inspiring action.

The application is a web experience and comes as a pre-enabled feature for users holding the required licensing. Licenses for Viva Amplify are included in Viva and its other products - such as Viva Organizations Data Service Plans. Notably, the app is still rolling out, and general availability is expected soon.

Viva Amplify does come with a few limitations at launch. For instance, it might have restrictions when used with vanity URLs - thus companies with a vanity URL are advised to reach out to their support contact for further guidance. Also, initially, Viva Amplify will be available exclusively in English with plans to include other languages in future releases.

Assigning admin roles is critical to the management of settings in Viva Amplify. Both SharePoint admin and Groups admin roles are required for this task. After familiarization with admin roles, users can assign SharePoint and Groups Administrator roles.

Viva Amplify provides reporting data, such as read rates on emails, SharePoint page view rates, Teams post interactions, and more. Importing organizational data can enhance Amplify reports by providing further insight into use and impact.

Users can manage campaign settings as per their convenience. Amplify campaigns are set as private as a default since they are intended to ensure a private collaborative space for campaign team members.

Further, Viva Amplify campaigns comply with the same sensitivity label classifications applicable to SharePoint sites. If sensitivity labels were enabled for Microsoft Team sites, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites, they can also be applied to Viva Amplify campaigns.

The application also offers flexibility of management. Users can delete a campaign or restore previously deleted campaigns; however, there are certain points to consider. Deletion of a campaign results in the removal of everything within it - campaign publications, document libraries, files, lists, list data, campaign settings, history, and any subsites along with their contents. The restoring step, on the other hand, requires SharePoint administrator permissions.

You can learn more about Viva Amplify at this link for more detailed insights.

Summarised Concepts

Viva Amplify, part of the modern Microsoft arsenal, is a dynamic tool designed to streamline corporate communication across various channels within organizations. It ensures meaningful engagement of employees by creating alignment and promoting action. Still rolling out, it comes with a specific set of licenses. As a web experience, Amplify is built with flexibility and convenience in mind, providing detailed reporting, managing campaign settings, and sensitivity labels among other features.


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Stepping into the realm of online corporate communications, Viva Amplify comes as a unique application by Microsoft. In the first of 8 lessons, we initiate the process of understanding Viva Amplify, the licenses required, its whereabouts, and further coverage.

The key to the Viva Amplify application lies in its functionality to generate and govern communications to different audiences over various distribution channels in your organization.

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Microsoft advises users to upgrade to Microsoft Edge to leverage the latest features, security updates, and technical support.

With a core focus on centralizing campaign management, publishing, and reporting, Viva Amplify allows corporate communicators to engage all employees in a meaningful manner. Its efficiency could be witnessed with Microsoft Viva which let users establish, manage, and report organization-wide campaigns inform, align, and inspire action all from the same space.

In order to ensure the smooth running of Viva Amplify, appropriating admin roles is highly crucial. For effective management in Viva Amplify, the user needs to retain both SharePoint admin and Groups admin roles.

This tool is designed to cater to a variety of user roles, from project managers who need to conduct regular status reports for stakeholders to others who can reap benefits from utilizing campaigns. To govern who can create campaigns, admin controls are accessible in this tool.

Viva Amplify campaigns follow the same sensitivity labels that govern SharePoint sites. If sensitivity labels were activated for your organization's Microsoft Team sites, groups, and SharePoint sites, they can also apply to the campaigns.

Just as the need arises in SharePoint sites, you can also resurrect deleted campaigns. Be informed, before deleting a campaign, one must notify the campaign owner and any sub-site owners so they may transfer their data elsewhere if needed.

Feedback and reviews play an integral role in developing anything. It’s recommended to proactively submit and view feedback for Viva Amplify to ensure a smooth experience.

The constructive use of organizational data is yet another feature which this tool provides. It combines organizational data uploaded with Microsoft data to enrich the user profile by bringing in organizational information from external systems.

Before diving into campaigns, one must understand that they are initially set as private as they are designed to be a confidential workspace for campaign team members to work and build their way to communications.

The handbook for setting up and managing this tool is ready and can be utilized thoroughly to understand its ins and outs. Just like other similar platforms, the advancements and updates for Viva Amplify are coming soon to facilitate its users in an amplified manner.


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