Learn to Share a Microsoft Fabric Warehouse!
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Aug 24, 2023 12:00 PM

Learn to Share a Microsoft Fabric Warehouse!

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In this video, Jacinda joins Stijn to walk through how to share a Microsoft Fabric warehouse and demos how the recipient can build reports, query the data, and

In this content, you will realize how to share a Microsoft Fabric Warehouse. Jacinda, as a product manager, collaborates with Stijn to demonstrate the sharing process. The dynamic pair also showcase how the recipient can benefit from the shared warehouse by creating reports, querying data, and generating a shortcut.

Further Details about Microsoft Fabric Warehouse Sharing

Microsoft Fabric Warehouse Sharing refers to the procedure of allowing access to a specific Microsoft Fabric Warehouse to other users. Jacinda Eng, a product manager, elucidates this process in detail, offering insights on how to perform the sharing action, as well as how the recipient can utilize the shared warehouse to perform several tasks. These tasks range from creating insightful reports, querying data to meet specific business needs, and creating a shortcut for easy access. The reference links provide additional information.

Learn about Learn to Share a Microsoft Fabric Warehouse!

In this Microsoft Expert answer, you will learn how to share a Microsoft Fabric Warehouse. You can watch a video tutorial with Jacinda and Stijn, which will show you how to share the warehouse and how the recipient can build reports, query data, and create a shortcut to the shared warehouse. You can also refer to the documentation page on learn.microsoft.com/en-us/fabric/data-warehouse/share-warehouse-manage-permissions for more information. Additionally, the blog post on blog.fabric.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/data-warehouse-sharing/ provides further details on the topic. Lastly, you can connect with Jacinda Eng - Product Manager on www.linkedin.com/in/jacindaeng/ for more assistance.


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