Learn to Filter SharePoint columns for Power Apps
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Sep 26, 2023 9:00 AM

Learn to Filter SharePoint columns for Power Apps

by HubSite 365 about Shane Young [MVP]

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Boost SharePoint efficiency with our expert guide on filtering columns for Power Apps. Learn to curate data for specific business needs!

Understanding SharePoint Column Filtering for Power Apps

In the YouTube video by Shane Young [MVP], he discusses the unique capability in PowerApps for SharePoint users to develop an app from a SharePoint list. This tutorial showcases the generation of three initial screens: A Browse screen, a View screen, and a New/Edit Item screen. The emphasis is on the Browse screen, which houses a Gallery control that showcases the elements of a list.

Interestingly, this screen by default displays ALL items present in a list. While this might be adequate for some professional scenarios, others might require a more refined, filtered view. To cater to such needs, the video explains how to alter the list to display all items where the Request Type tallies with a certain value.

  • At 0:00, the video focuses on SharePoint list filtering in Power Apps.
  • At 0:56, he gives a brief overview of SharePoint List.
  • From 1:29, attention turns towards adding SharePoint list to Power Apps.
  • At 2:53, Shane delves into Filter Text and Multiple lines of text columns.
  • At 4:24, he introduces the StartsWith function for filtering SharePoint.
  • Further, at 6:05 there's a shift towards Filter by Number or Currency Columns.
  • From 9:01 to 23:28, the video traverses through various filters such as Date, Yes-No, Hyperlink, Calculated, Location, Choice, Multiple Choice, Lookup, Person, Created by, Managed Metadata Columns.
  • Lastly, at 24:55, filtering by ID Column is explored.

An Insight into SharePoint Column Filtering for Power Apps

This tutorial was a comprehensive journey towards understanding how SharePoint users can leverage PowerApps. By illustrating how to create an app from a SharePoint list, it provided a practical way to navigate through diverse business needs. In addition to explaining the initial setup, the video shed light on how to customize lists to display chosen items and delve into a refined, filtered view. Moreover, the tutorial delved into various filtering options, thereby facilitating flexibility and control over data view. It presents PowerApps within SharePoint as a robust tool for seamless and customized data management.

Learn about Learn to Filter SharePoint columns for Power Apps

The text focuses on using PowerApps to filter SharePoint columns, which is a powerful feature, especially for SharePoint users, as it allows them to create an app directly from a SharePoint list, adding three main screens: a Browse Screen, a View Screen, and a New/Edit Item Screen. By default, all items in a list are shown on the Browse Screen, however, the video guides on how to filter the list to display items where the Request Type is a specific value.


To learn more about this topic, one can go through Microsoft's official online course on PowerApps for SharePoint users, and numerous online tutorials and training courses available on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. Besides, Microsoft's official forum and PowerApps Community are also great places to find help if one gets stuck.


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