Microsoft 365: Mastering Power Platform Governance Guide
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Sep 28, 2023 10:53 AM

Microsoft 365: Mastering Power Platform Governance Guide

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Unlock the Premium Features of Power Platform with Microsoft 365 Developer Tenant for Improved Experience and Administration.”

Learn about Learn Power Platform governance with the Microsoft 365 developer tenant

When it comes to familiarizing oneself with the Microsoft 365 Developer Tenant, one unexplored field appears to be its use for practicing and honing Power Platform governance skills. For enthusiastic Power Apps makers or individuals interested in expanding their comprehension of the platform's premium features, the Microsoft 365 Developer Tenant can provide a safe environment for experimentation.

A piece of good news for makers is the recent initiative by Microsoft to enhance the ease of working with Dataverse. The intent is to provide in-product prompts for makers, enabling them to create up to three environments for personal use. The Developer environment is expected to be renamed “personal environment” with governance controls for tenant admins.

If we ask ourselves, "What do we need beyond a personal environment?", we can identify scenarios that need advanced governance skills in the Power Platform. Global administration privileges in your own Microsoft 365 tenant can give hands-on experience in licensing and capacity management, which are essential components of real-life Power Platform governance.

A Microsoft Developer Program can potentially cater to not just pro-code developers, but also beginners looking for a playground to explore Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions' full capabilities. This subscription offers a sandbox tenant for users wanting to administer and govern their own Microsoft 365 universe.

Once developers have access to their own sandbox environment, it opens doors for a deeper understanding of complex processes such as deploying the Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit. Installing the CoE Starter Kit can give a glimpse of Power Platform configurational steps through a professional-looking UI.

Simulating the usage of low-code applications across different departments is made easy using the Developer tenant. This allows for the setting up of more than personal accounts, environments, and demos. The M365 E5 Developer plan includes Azure AD Premium P2 which facilitates easy administration of Azure AD and aids in the understanding of how the Power Platform works in a production tenant.

In conclusion, it's crucial to navigate beyond the boundaries of just low-code application platform functionality and delve deeper into the surrounding Microsoft 365 tenant services. By signing up for the Microsoft 365 Developer Program, users are bestowed with a comprehensive suite of tools for testing end-to-end processes for low-code business application delivery.

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