Learn Excel Essentials in 15 minutes!
Jul 31, 2023 9:30 AM

Learn Excel Essentials in 15 minutes!

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Learn Excel essentials like formatting, formulas & visuals in just 15 minutes.

Learn Excel Essentials in 15 minutes! This guide will instruct you on the essentials of Microsoft Excel, using an income statement to demonstrate the various features. Starting with the layout basics, it also covers important formatting skills such as the manipulation of highlights, borders, and fonts for data presentation.

Furthermore, familiarity with the data analysis section is also gained, introducing formulas and Excel functions like SUM, IF Statement, and XLOOKUP. Giving your data a graphical representation using visuals like column and combo charts is also tackled.
Other methods like the process of applying trendlines in line and column format to your data are likewise discussed. The guide ends with the process of grouping and ungrouping data for a more organized and cleaner-looking Excel file.

  • 0:00 - Excel Basics
  • 1:42 - Formatting Essentials
  • 6:17 - Formulas & Functions
  • 12:10 - Charts & Visuals

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Deep Dive into Excel Essentials

Becoming proficient in Excel is fundamental in data management and analysis. From the basics of the interface to the advanced features, this guide offers a quick and understandable approach for anyone willing to learn. The use of an income statement as an example makes understanding the applications of the different features easier and more interactive. It also emphasizes on the significance of organizing data in Excel for a cleaner and enhanced professional presentation. The guide is optimized to maximize learning in just 15 minutes.

Learn about Learn Excel Essentials in 15 minutes!

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for organizing, analyzing, and presenting data. In just 15 minutes, you can learn the fundamentals of Excel, starting with the basic layout and formatting features such as highlights, borders, and fonts, followed by learning formulas and functions such as the SUM, IF statement and XLOOKUP. You will also learn how to create charts and visuals such as column charts, combo charts, and trendlines, and how to group and ungroup data to make your Excel file look cleaner. With these skills, you can quickly and easily analyze data, create spreadsheets, and present information in a professional and organized way.


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