New Power Apps Canvas Modern Controls Update 2024
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Feb 19, 2024 6:10 PM

New Power Apps Canvas Modern Controls Update 2024

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Unveil Modern Controls in Power Apps: Elevate Your App Design Today!

Key insights

Key Insights into Modern Controls in Power Apps Canvas:

  • Modern Controls offer a refreshingly clean and focused design, optimized for both performance and usability, which includes accessible features like keyboard navigation.

  • These controls are part of the Microsoft Fluent 2 design system, ensuring a consistent experience across Microsoft products, and are complemented by a new, modern theming system.

  • Currently in preview mode, they can be enabled within Power Apps Studio settings and discovered in the Insert pane, showcasing key controls such as Buttons, Checkboxes, and Radio Groups.

  • Building apps with Modern Controls is quicker and easier due to their simplified configuration, focusing on streamlined properties and design principles.

  • Resources and guidelines for using Modern Controls are readily available, with links to Microsoft documentation for further learning and exploration.

Exploring the Impact of Modern Controls on Power Apps Development

Modern Controls in Power Apps Canvas represent a significant step forward in enhancing the app development process and end-user experience. By aligning with Microsoft's Fluent 2 design system, these controls bring a level of consistency and familiarity that benefits both developers and users. The focus on a modernized design not only makes applications more accessible but also ensures they meet high usability and performance standards. With them being in preview mode, developers have a unique opportunity to test and integrate these controls into their apps, contributing to improved app aesthetics and functionality.

Moreover, the ease of use that Modern Controls offer through simplified configuration accelerates the app development process. Developers can now focus more on creativity and less on overcoming technical hurdles. This shift not only empowers developers but also opens up new possibilities for app design, making it easier than ever to build engaging and efficient applications.

Accessibility and usability are at the forefront of Modern Controls, signifying Microsoft's commitment to creating inclusive apps. The introduction of better keyboard navigation, focus indicators, and a cohesive theming system speaks volumes about the emphasis on user experience. These controls are designed not just for aesthetic appeal but to improve the overall interaction with applications, making digital environments more intuitive and user-friendly.

As Modern Controls continue to evolve, they promise to bring more innovations and improvements to Power Apps Canvas. Their current availability in preview mode offers a glimpse into the future of app development, where design and functionality go hand in hand. For developers and organizations, keeping up with these updates and integrating Modern Controls into their apps could be a game-changer, offering a competitive edge through superior app experiences.

Latest Update About Modern Controls In Power Apps Canvas
Hey Everyone,
While the modern controls made available in Power Apps Canvas design studio help enhance the look and feel of the app, you need to be aware of its limitation and the support model that comes along with it. Hence in this video, we will first take a look at these modern controls and then I'll explain which ones you can actually use for your production apps.

Modern Controls are a recent addition to Power Apps Canvas, offering a refresh to the development experience and user interface. They're based on Microsoft's Fluent 2 design system, ensuring consistency and familiarity for users across various Microsoft products. Here's a breakdown of key points about Modern Controls:

  • Modern & Focused Design: They boast a cleaner, less cluttered aesthetic with richer interaction states and elevation, leading to a more intuitive user experience.
  • Simplified Configuration: Building with Modern Controls is often quicker and easier due to their streamlined properties and design principles.
  • Accessibility & Usability: They prioritize accessibility with better keyboard navigation and focus indicators, along with improved usability features.
  • Performance: Modern Controls are optimized for performance, ensuring smooth app experience for users.
  • Cohesive Theme Management: They work seamlessly with the new modern theming system, allowing easy and centralized control over your app's look and feel.

Modern Controls are currently in preview mode, requiring you to enable them within your Power Apps Studio settings. Once enabled, you'll find them alongside existing controls in the Insert pane.

Key Modern Controls include Badge, Button, Checkbox, Date Picker, Dropdown, Header, Info Button, Link, Progress Bar, Radio Group, Spinner, Slider, Table, Tabs/Tab List, Text, and Text Input. These controls enhance the user interface and interaction in Power Apps.

Feel free to ask any further questions you have about Modern Controls!

Understanding Modern Controls in Power Apps

The introduction of Modern Controls within Power Apps Canvas has revolutionized the way developers and designers approach app creation. By adopting these controls, which are enriched with Microsoft's Fluent 2 design system, apps now have a more modern and intuitive interface. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also streamlines the development process. Features like improved accessibility, better performance, and cohesive theme management are pivotal in creating applications that are both functional and visually appealing. With these controls now available in preview mode, developers have the opportunity to experiment and incorporate them into their projects, potentially transforming the overall user experience. It's an exciting time for Power Apps creators as they explore the possibilities offered by these modernized design elements, ensuring that applications are not only powerful in functionality but also superior in user interface and design.

Power Apps

Hey Everyone,

While the modern controls made available in Power Apps Canvas design studio help enhance the look and feel of the app, there are limitations and support models to be aware of. In this video, we'll explore these modern controls and discuss which ones are suitable for production apps.

Modern Controls in Power Apps Canvas: A Modernized Design Approach

Modern Controls represent a significant enhancement in Power Apps Canvas, introducing a modernized design approach that boosts development efficiency and the end-user experience. They draw from Microsoft's Fluent 2 design system, promoting consistency across Microsoft's ecosystem.

  • Modern Controls enhance app aesthetics and interaction, simplifying configuration, and emphasizing accessibility.
  • They improve performance and integrate smoothly with the modern theming system.
  • Currently in preview, these controls can be activated in the Power Apps Studio settings.

Some key controls include the Badge, Button, Checkbox, and many more, each serving a unique function in app development.

  • For further reading on Modern Controls, references to Microsoft's community blog and documentation provide in-depth resources.

This overview should clarify how these advancements can elevate your application's design and functionality, making your development process more efficient and your applications more intuitive and accessible for users.

Exploring the Realm of Power Apps Development

In the fast-evolving world of business applications, Power Apps stands out by providing a powerful platform aimed at enabling users to build custom apps without extensive coding knowledge. This democratizes app development, making it accessible to a broader range of professionals, not just developers. The introduction of Modern Controls within Power Apps has taken a step further in making app development not only accessible but also efficient and consistent with modern design principles.

By leveraging tools and controls inspired by Microsoft's Fluent Design System, app makers can now create interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and cohesive with other Microsoft products. This ensures a seamless user experience across different applications and platforms. Additionally, the emphasis on accessibility and usability in these controls highlights the platform's commitment to inclusive design, ensuring that apps built on Power Apps are usable by a wide audience, including those with disabilities.

Moreover, the availability of a wide range of controls for different functionalities, from basic input and selection tools to navigation and data visualization components, allows developers and non-developers alike to tailor their apps to specific needs. Combined with improved performance and theme management capabilities, Power Apps provides a comprehensive toolkit for building custom business applications efficiently.

As the platform continues to evolve, with regular updates and the addition of new features like Modern Controls, Power Apps solidifies its position as a key player in the field of low-code, customizable business application development. The balance it strikes between ease of use, power, and design excellence makes it an increasingly popular choice among those looking to streamline their workflows, improve productivity, and achieve better business outcomes through custom app solutions.

Power Apps - New Power Apps Canvas Modern Controls Update 2024

People also ask

Where are modern controls in PowerApps?

To activate modern controls and themes for your application, With the canvas app open for editing, go to the command bar and select Settings > Upcoming features. Within the Preview tab, enable the Modern controls and themes by setting the toggle to On.

What is the latest version of Power Apps?

The most recent version is currently available.

Is PowerApps being used in the market to modernize app development?

Power Apps is revolutionizing the market by enabling teams to streamline processes and tackle complex challenges through low-code app development. This low-code enterprise solution allows for the creation of professional-grade, low-code applications, empowering everyone in your organization.

Does PowerApps have version control?

In Power Apps Studio, go to Settings, select Upcoming features, and then select Experimental. Scroll to the option for Git version control and activate it by setting it to On.


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