Latest name changes for Microsoft 365 products
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Latest name changes for Microsoft 365 products

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From time to time Microsoft renames products and services to clarify their purpose, apply a consistent brand, or combine them into a single offering.

Microsoft often makes name alterations to its 365 products to convey their intent, standardize their brand image, or merge them into an all-inclusive package. Displayed below is a record of the latest product rebranding that falls under, or is associated with, Microsoft 365. Each corresponding entry originally had connections to the formal declaration, the certified product page, as well as the date of release or the day when the relabeling commenced.

  • Product renamings are common at Microsoft.
  • Reasons include clarifying purpose, aligning with branding, or consolidation.
  • This list pertains to name changes in the Microsoft 365 suite specifically.
  • Previously, each product change had a hyperlink to its official notice.
  • Each entry also contained a link to its official product page.
  • The announcement date or effective rename date was also provided for each entry.

A Deeper Look into Microsoft 365 Product Renaming

Rebranding is a strategic move Microsoft employs regularly, especially within the 365 suite, to streamline its products and services, making them easier to understand and utilize. The need for such changes arises mainly to clarify product purpose, maintain brand consistency, or incorporate several products into a holistic solution. Such modifications impact the product's official announcement, linked product page, and even its launch or effective renaming date.


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The main topic of the text is about the latest name changes for Microsoft 365 products. Microsoft occasionally renames products and services for the purposes of clarity, consistency in branding, or merging them into a single offering. The text also mentions that each product's name change comes with a link to its official announcement and product page, and the date at which the change took effect.


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