Latest Email Alert Issues on Windows: Updates and Fixes
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May 4, 2023 3:02 PM

Latest Email Alert Issues on Windows: Updates and Fixes

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Microsoft has introduced a new email alert feature that will help IT administrators stay informed about known issues with Windows PCs. This feature allows administrators to sign up for email notifications about Windows bugs through the Microsoft 365 admin center. Known issues refer to problems that can affect the user experience, security, and performance of different versions of Windows. Microsoft previously shared information about known issues on the Windows release health dashboard, but IT admins may not have the time to keep up with new announcements on the page. This new feature aims to address that issue.

“Today, we’re announcing the availability of a much-requested feature for IT administrators planning and deploying Windows feature and quality updates—email alerts! Starting today, you can get notified about Windows known issues documented in the Windows release health section of the Microsoft 365 admin center. This enables you to easily and quickly learn about issues related to Windows updates and make informed decisions about rolling out an update across your environment.”

When you sign up, you’ll receive emails about new issues for the versions of the Windows operating system you support, as well as updates to known issues such as:

  • Changes in issue status
  • New workarounds
  • Issue resolution

This new feature is available to IT admins with a Windows or Microsoft 365 tenant, a subscription that provides access to Windows release health in the Microsoft 365 admin center[1], and an eligible admin role.

Watch this short video for a quick step-by-step on how to set up email notifications for Windows known issues.

How to subscribe

To sign up for email notifications about Windows known issues, visit Windows release health in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Once there, select Preferences > Email and select Send me email notifications about Windows release heath. From there, do the following:

  • Enter up to two email addresses to receive the notifications. Each admin can set their own preferences. The limit of two email addresses is per admin account. Addresses can include distribution lists, so you can keep colleagues in your organization informed of issues even if they don’t have access to the admin center.
  • Select which Windows versions you want to be notified about. If your organization supports multiple versions of Windows, we recommend selecting all that apply.

Lastly, don’t forget to select Save.