Latest DLP Updates in Microsoft 365 by ITProMentor
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Sep 13, 2022 6:00 AM

Latest DLP Updates in Microsoft 365 by ITProMentor

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Stay updated on Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365 with ITProMentor. Get clarity on licensing, risk mitigation, E5 features, and much more!

The blog post by ITProMentor provides an update on the situation with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Microsoft 365. The author points out that Microsoft's compliance features have undergone significant rebranding and improvements since his last article on the subject, making the Microsoft universe appear more complex. Microsoft's Compliance center now bears the name of Microsoft Purview.

The author breaks down different risks associated with data leakage and loss within an organization and how these risks can be mitigated using Microsoft 365. Risks such as device theft or loss, oversharing of sensitive information, and others are highlighted. He further discusses how concerns can be addressed using the various features offered by Microsoft 365, specifically focusing on the platforms' DLP, conditional access, endpoints, and app protection policies.

ITProMentor elaborates on how functionalities such as Sensitivity Labels and Risk-Based Conditional Access policies can provide security measures for data management. They facilitate features like encryption, automatic attribution of labels, restrictions on data access and movement, and protection even when data is shared outside an organization. These careful data handling measures are part of the Microsoft Purview Information Protection.

He also notes the need for a Microsoft Purview solution called Insider Risk Management to mitigate insider risks, an essential part of Microsoft 365 E5's portfolio. This tool helps detect and manage data threats from within the organization, like data leaks or theft by departing or disgruntled employees. It relies on more advanced DLP solutions within Microsoft Purview eDiscovery.

The author wraps up by emphasizing the need to customize each solution within Microsoft 365 to fit different organizational needs and requirements. He points out that more advanced DLP scenarios requiring larger-scale automation or control over third-party applications would necessitate investment in premium subscriptions like Enterprise E5.

Expanding the Topic Further

Microsoft 365 offers a diverse range of tools aimed at preventing data leakage and loss. Data security is a key concern for businesses of all sizes, and Microsoft's compliance features offer in-depth, varied solutions to tackle it. Microsoft's commitment to regular updates and rebranding of these services is proof of their proactive response to the evolving data security needs. By utilizing Microsoft 365's solutions such as Sensitivity Labels, Risk-Based Conditional Access policies, and Insider Risk Management, businesses can achieve robust data loss prevention and manage internal and external data risks.

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Microsoft Compliance center - Latest DLP Updates in Microsoft 365 by ITProMentor

Learn about Update to situation with DLP in Micrsoft 365 by ITProMentor

Focusing on the evolution of Microsoft 365's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform, the text brings to the fore the key changes that have occurred due to rebranding, new program additions and the intricacies of handling each and every one of them. This provides a great opportunity to enlighten readers on how to utilise these changes effectively and the appropriate ways of learning and updating their knowledge with regards to Microsoft 365's Compliance Center.

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand the complexities of the Microsoft universe, which appears to have grown more intricate. To gain a deep understanding of this rapidly advancing world, a structured learning path is recommended. Several online learning platforms offer courses on Microsoft 365. For instance, Microsoft Learn offers a 'Microsoft 365 Fundamentals' course, while other platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. provide similar training modules.

Understanding the different risks associated with data leakage and loss of data is another pertinent topic highlighted in the blog post. For this, you could look into "Information Protection and Governance" courses that explain strategies to control and manage data effectively. Learning about the array of solutions provided by Microsoft 365, like Microsoft Purview would be beneficial.

  • Microsoft's updated 'Microsoft Compliance Center' is a key component of Microsoft 365's data protection portfolio.
  • Understanding subscription and licensing related complications, including factors influencing upgrading decisions is imperative.
  • Microsoft Compliance Center offers solutions for varied types of risks like device theft, oversharing sensitive data and movement of sensitive data. Training courses on 'Microsoft 365 Compliance Center' clarify how these features assist in data management and protection.

Concerns related to the control of sensitive information once it leaves an organization are gaining prominence. Therefore, learning about features like 'Sensitivity Labels' is crucial, as these provide tools to handle data once it surpasses the organization's perimeters. Training modules on 'Microsoft Compliance Center' offer thorough coverage of these features.

Moreover, grappling with safeguards against insider risks is also significant. Courses on 'Insider Risk Management' are useful in comprehending the complexities of this type of data breach.

In conclusion, these aforementioned online training courses on Microsoft 365 fundamentals, Information Protection and Governance, Microsoft Compliance Center and Insider Risk Management are essential to gain comprehensive knowledge about Microsoft's data protection and DLP tools. With a good grasp of these, handling potential risks associated with data loss or leakage becomes simpler and more efficient.

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