June 2023 Updates & Features in Microsoft Teams for Education
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Jun 6, 2023 4:30 PM

June 2023 Updates & Features in Microsoft Teams for Education

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Latest updates on Microsoft Teams for Education: Debut of Viva Connections, New features in Assignments and Grades, and introduction of Reflect Emotion Board.

Welcome to our monthly update for Teams for Education! We have been working on some great new updates that we're excited to share with you. Here's what's new this month:

  • Viva Connections for Education – Now available
  • New updates to Assignments and Grades
  • Introducing the "New" Microsoft Teams for Education
  • Introducing the Microsoft Reflect Emotion Board
  • New Updates to Microsoft

Introducing Viva Connections for Education

Viva Connections for Education is a powerful tool designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and overall connectivity within educational organizations. With this update, educators, students, and staff can access important resources, share announcements, and stay informed all in one central location within Microsoft Teams. This streamlined experience aims to save time and increase productivity by minimizing the need to navigate through multiple platforms.

Learn about What’s New in Microsoft Teams for Education | June 2023

This month, Microsoft Teams for Education has some exciting new updates to share with users. The first update is the introduction of Viva Connections for Education, which is now available to users. This feature helps users better connect with colleagues and peers through Teams. Additionally, there are updates to Assignments and Grades, allowing users to create and manage assignments more efficiently. Microsoft has also launched a “New” Microsoft Teams for Education, which is aimed at providing users with a more personalized experience. Finally, Microsoft has also released the Microsoft Reflect Emotion Board, which helps users to better understand and express their emotions. All of these updates are designed to help users better collaborate and stay connected with each other, no matter where they are.


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