JSON and ParseJSON Functions
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Jun 28, 2023 10:00 AM

JSON and ParseJSON Functions

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In this article, we’ll explore what JSON is and what it means to ‘parse’ JSON.

Learn about JSON and ParseJSON Functions

This article explores the concept of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and the process of parsing JSON. JSON is a lightweight data format that is easy to read and write, making it convenient for both humans and machines. It is commonly used for transmitting data between servers and web applications, as well as storing and exchanging data within various systems and API endpoints.
In the context of the Power Platform, there are a few important points to understand about JSON:

  • 1. Structure: JSON data is organized as key-value pairs, similar to dictionaries or objects in other programming languages. Each key is followed by a colon, and the values can be strings, numbers, boolean values, arrays, or even nested JSON objects.
  • 2. Syntax: JSON utilizes specific syntax rules. Objects are enclosed in curly braces ({}) while arrays are defined using square brackets ([]). Objects consist of comma-separated key-value pairs, and arrays contain multiple values separated by commas.
  • 3. Usage: JSON plays a significant role in the Power Platform and other areas of Microsoft 365. In some cases, the underlying use of JSON may not be apparent because Microsoft provides user-friendly layers or wrappers to interact with it.

The article then goes on to discuss the related functions available in Power Fx, a language used in the Microsoft Power Platform. It highlights how these functions can be beneficial and how they have been integrated into a canvas app being built for the author's wife's business.
Overall, the article provides an introduction to JSON and its relevance within the Power Platform, while also showcasing the practical applications of related functions in Power Fx.

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