Join Hub Site with Power Automate
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Mar 26, 2023 9:00 AM

Join Hub Site with Power Automate

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How to associate a site to a hub site using a Power Automate flow.

How to associate a site to a hub site using a Power Automate flow.

A SharePoint hub site is a site that is designed to bring together related sites to roll up news, activity, search, and navigation across those sites. The hub site serves as a central hub for associating sites with common branding, navigation, and content sharing.

By associating a site with a hub site, the site can inherit the navigation, theme, logo, and other site design elements from the hub site. Additionally, content on the associated site can be surfaced on the hub site, such as news, events, and documents.

Overall, SharePoint hub sites provide a way to manage and connect related SharePoint sites and provide a unified experience for users. They are particularly useful for organizations with multiple teams, departments, or projects that need to collaborate and share information.

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JoinHubSite REST method | Microsoft Learn

On your site, select Settings · In the Edit site information panel, under Hub site association, select the hub site with which you want to associate your site ...

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Jun 15, 2021 — In this article, I'll walk through Power Automate actions available for managing the Hub Site join requests. There are four actions ...

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Sets the site design which should be applied to sites joining the hub site. EXAMPLE 4. Set-PnPHubSite -Identity "" ...

Once you connect the site with a hub, Navigation, Theme, and logo will be applied to the newly joined site. You won't be able to associate a SharePoint ...

Join Hub Site. by Dennis · March 17, 2023. How to associate a site to a hub site using a Power Automate flow.